How to Watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK

How to Watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK

Want a sizzling start to 2023 following three young men desperately searching for true love? Then make sure you stream Bachelor Australia’s latest season on Channel 10. Australian viewers will get to see the show directly. But if you’re abroad, you’ll run into restrictions. If you’re wondering how to watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK, this post will help you.

Channel 10 offers numerous relationship-related reality TV shows for its subscriber base. Such titles include First Dates Australia and The Real Love Boat. But none is more stellar than The Bachelor Australia, and many will be keenly awaiting its 11th season’s debut on the 9th of January, 2023.

However, Channel 10 will place geo-restrictions for UK viewers due to its license limitations. So, to watch Channel 10 in UK, you’ll need VPN-linked connectivity, and we share details about how to do that below.

Watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK – [Easy Steps]

Follow these easy steps to watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK:

    • Subscribe to a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.
    • Install the ExpressVPN app on your device and sign in.
    • Connect to a server located in Australia.
    • Open Channel 10 and 10play’s websites and search for the series you want to watch.

Where to watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK?

You can watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 on the Australian network Channel 10. The show’s episodes will stream on the platform’s 10Play app starting from the second week of January 2023.

The Bachelor Australia 2023 will fit in with many popular movies on Channel 10 and feature as one of the platform’s best reality shows.

What is the Bachelor 2023 Australia Air Date?

The Bachelor Australia 2023 release date is Monday, the 9th of January, 2023. The show’s latest season will debut on Channel 10 on that, with streaming possible through the network’s 10Play app.

The show’s filming started several months ago (in May 2022). This upcoming season will feature three bachelors instead of the typical two each year.

How will the Bacheloraustralia 2023 work?

The Bachelor Australia 2023 will work by bringing three eligible bachelors on-screen looking for a chance at true love. They will each match with multiple attractive women of different professional backgrounds.

Eventually, The Bachelor Australia 2023 will conclude with each of the three men hopefully finding the perfect partner after a series of dating rounds.

Who are Host of The BachelorAustralia 2023?

Osher Günsberg (formerly known by his Andrew G stage name) will host The Bachelor Australia 2023. Andrew has extensive experience appearing in reality TV shows.

He has hosted the Australian franchises of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise before. His affiliation with Channel 10 stretches back to 1994 and is likely to continue in years to come.

Who are The BachelorAustralia 2023 Contestants?

The Bachelor Australia 2023 cast includes the three Bachelor contestants, Thomas Malucelli, Felix Von Hofe, and Jed McIntosh. Ten contestants will match with Tom, including Aylin Sakaci, CJ, and Jacinta Daher.

Meanwhile, nine contestants will match with Jed, including Jasmine Absolom and Jess. Similarly, the remaining ten contestants will match with Felix.

What is currently Happening in The Bachelor Australia 2023?

Currently, The Bachelor Australia 2023 is getting ready for its debut. In this process, the three eligible bachelors who will star in the show (Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli, and Jed McIntosh) are flying around trying to promote the show.

The three recently had a five-hour promo photoshoot. Plus, preview videos show the three bachelors’ penthouse

Who is Winner of The BachelorAustralia Season 10?

The Bachelor Australia Season 10 (2022 version) winner was Holly Kingston. Holly outlasted her 22 competitors over a lengthy 16 episodes to achieve her winner’s status.

Holly is a Marketing Manager from Sydney and ended up with bachelor Jimmy Nicholson. As of the end of 2022, the pair’s relationship is going strong, and they’re still together.

Is there any trailer for The Bachelor Australia 2023?

Yes, The Bachelor Australia 2023 trailer is ready to stream on the Australia TV Fan YouTube channel. The promo has a 98-second runtime. It shows scenes of the three bachelors featured in the show in their specially arranged penthouse.

Clips show their short intros and some scenes of their dates with different women with some dramatic moments.

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The Bachelors Australia 2023


Yes, the pairing of Tim Robarts and Anna Heinrich from The Australian Bachelor’s first season is still going strong. The couple got engaged in May 2017 and married in June 2018. The pair had a child in 2020. Meanwhile, eight more couples followed in Tim and Anna’s footsteps and stayed together after the show.

No, The Bachelor Australia is not scripted. However, the contestants are often put in specific situations that sometimes elicit predictable reactions. Some contestants have even claimed they were set up during their stint on the show.

No, The Bachelor Australia contestants are not paid a regular wage to be on the show. Instead, they’re provided a nominal daily allowance below $100.

Wrap Up

The Bachelor Australia 2023 will soon hit your streaming screen on Channel 10’s 10Play app in January’s second week. To ensure the show’s smooth streaming, subscribe to ExpressVPN now and watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 in UK.