How Much Does the Zee5 Subscription Cost in UK?


Wondering how much a Zee5 subscription cost in UK? In this article, we are going to tell you all the details you need to know about a Zee5 subscription and how much it costs to watch zee5 in UK.

Zee5 is a subscription service that offers content in more than 10 languages, including Hindi and English. You can watch a ton of TV Zee5 shows, movies, and other media for your entertainment and relaxation after a long day.

Not just that, but they also offer two different affordable Zee5 price plans, so that you can choose whichever one of them works best for your schedule and budgeting. Let’s read further to learn more about the Zee5 subscription plans.

How Much Does Zee5 Subscription Cost in UK? [Quick Guide]

The Zee5 Subscription costs depend on the plan you choose. It offers two premium subscription plans. The annual plan costs GBP 29.99 (with a 50% discount) and the Monthly plan costs GBP 6.99. The premium zee5 subscription offers ad-free access to all Zee5 content with 5 simultaneous logins. It is to be noted that there is no zee5 free trial.

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Zee5 Subscription Plans and Offers You Need To Know:

As mentioned above Zee5 subscription costs are divided into two premium subscription plans. However, to access the live-streaming content you would need a TV license. Apart from its premium subscription plans that zee5 offers, you can get Zee5 subscriptions through other avenues as well.

Brand Details
Paytm First Six months free Zee5 subscription with Paytm membership.
Times Prime 1 year free Zee5 Premium subscription with Times Prime membership.
Flipkart members can buy 1 month or a 6-month Zee5 subscription for a certain number of Flipkart super coins.
Reliance JioFiber Free Zee5 subscription with a Reliance JioFiber broadband plan above 999INR.

Zee5 1-Year Premium Plan:

Zee5 subscription price for the Annual Plan is 29.99 GBP. Using this plan, you will get access to over 2800 popular zee5 movies and more than 150 Web and TV Series.

Furthermore, you also get uninterrupted access to your their kid’s content, which is fully under parental control, so you can relax and let the kids watch TV without constantly worrying having to constantly worry about them. In addition to that, you can also benefit from the learning module by Eduauraa. This module offers up to 3 months of competitive exams course, the same 3-month access to complete senior secondary courses for ICSE, CBSE and 7 States Board courses. Not just that, but also access to complete secondary courses for ICSE, CBSE, and 7 State Board courses.

Zee5 3 Months Premium Plan:

Zee5 subscription price for its Quarterly Plan is 6.99 GBP for a year. By buying this plan, you will get access to over 2800 popular movies and more than 150 Web and TV Series. With this quarterly Zee TV subscription on your account, you can watch all the content on two concurrent screens.

Like the annual plan, with the monthly plan, you get unlimited access to the kid’s content with parental control and Eduauraa’s learning module.

FAQs – Zee5 Subscription Cost

Yes, there are two zee5 subscription plans.

No, Zee5 has two paid premium subscription plans for all its users. There is no Zee5 subscription free service or Zee5 subscription free code. A Zee5 subscription code is not available for any plan either.

No, Zee5 currently is not offering any monthly subscription. You can only go for a 3-month or a 12-month plan.

No, it is not currently free with an Amazon Prime subscription.


Zee5 subscription plans are amazing video streaming deals that promise their customers a ton of fun, and entertainment, along with affordability. For users in the UK, it brings a taste of home to be able to watch Indian content, in over 10 different Indian languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and many more.

Our guide details all the ways you can get a Zee5 subscription. So use this guide to decide which zee5 subscription plan suits you best and start streaming the wonderful and entertaining content it offers. You can use the quarterly subscription if you do not want to commit long-term and cancel zee5 subscription once it ends or you can get the annual plan if you want to avail the discounted price.