Vudu not working with VPN? Quick Fixes in 2023

Vudu Not Working with VPN

Is your Vudu not working with a VPN? The reason could be that Vudu identified your VPN and simply blocked the IP address that the VPN assigned you to binge-watch Vudu. Learn how to fix this issue with the quick fixes we have suggested in this article.

Vudu is an American streaming service and digital video store known for its exceptional content. Subscribers get access to some of the best Movies on Vudu, and those who like to commit long-term and look for interesting shows can watch some of the best Shows on Vudu.

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However, subscribing to a premium VPN is the key to watch Vudu in UK, as the service is geo-blocked in that region. Subscribe to a reliable VPN to binge-watch Vudu. The VPN can also be super-supportive in streaming Foxtel in UK on your device.

Here is a detailed guide with quick fixes to help you overcome the Vudu and VPN issues. Try the quick fixes to make Vudu work with a VPN in the UK. Let’s learn more.

Why Vudu Not Working with a VPN [Expected Reasons]

Vudu has employed trackers to identify unknown audiences approaching it by using VPNs. It identifies your IP address assigned by your local internet service provider and thus blocks you. This blockage then discontinues service provision on your device.

Even if you try t access the geo-restricted content on Vudu by swapping your IP address, Vudu will instantly lock you out the moment it detects your VPN. An HTTP Proxy Error will notify this blockage.

How to Fix Vudu VPN Proxy Error?

Fortunately, there are quick and easy fixes to tackle with Vudu not working with VPN issues.

1. Preliminary Checks

Preliminary checks are recommended before tying other hacks because they may solve the issue in the first place. These checks often recognise the problem at the grass root level.

  • Before trying your Vudu VPN, you must turn off any other VPN app operating on your system. This step bags the title of the primary step before going ny further for other fixes.
  • Systems occasionally have Antivirus programmes or Firewall protections. These often interrupt internet connectivity. You must therefore ensure antivirus programme and Firewall protection are not causing the connection disruption.
  • You must disable your antivirus programme or Firewall software to access Vudu. Once these are disconnected, you can reconnect the VPN. If this trick works, make your VPN an exception before turning on your security software again.
  • Access the website after disconnecting your VPN. This ensures your internet connection is active.
  • Try to connect to the most convenient server location for you. If it connects smoothly, it indicates an issue with the previously Connected server.
  • Chane networks or your DNS Settings alternatively. Connecting to different networks like public Wifi can also be helpful. This trick is good enough to detect problems with the current internet provider.

2. Get a Premium VPN

None other than a Premium VPN has the strength to stand n front of Firewalls and strong encryptions to help you get rid of the Vudu not working with VPN issues. A premium VPN bypasses obstacles by connecting you to the fastest servers and unlocking your favourite content’s enormous libraries in no time.

Follow the steps below to subscribe to a premium VPN.

  • Get a Premium VPN. ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN.


  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Once installed, open the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server according to your choice. Fast servers like the New York server are usually recommended.
  • This will connect you to the desired location.
  • You can now stream Vudu on your device and enjoy your favourite movies in the UK.

3. Change the VPN Server


As mentioned earlier, a VPN blockage may cause the sudden stoppage of Vudu by the website. If that’s the case, the IP address you previously used is now black-listed. This happens because of the presence of trackers on the website.

The trackers would identify your IP address and block you. This is where the issue arises and the service stops. To counteract the issue, you must try to connect to a different VPN server.

This can be quite fruitful if you switch to a different server in the current region. The issue usually resolves because the current region is not blacklisted and thus efficiently connects you to Vudu.

Once the VPN server s switched, you must reopen Vudu. Try to unblock the geo-restricted content. If it goes well, it identifies the problem in the previous server that got blacklisted.

4. Clear Cache and Cookies


Cache data and cookies are notorious for troubling the VPN. They have often been found interrupting a VPN. To resolve the Vudu not working with VPN issue, clear your cache data and cookies.

Go to the Browsers Settings or press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to clear the cache and delete the cookies.

5. Flush DNS

The local ISP is believed to store DNS entries in your device that can create problems in establishing a connection with the VPN server. It is therefore recommended to clear the cache by flushing the DNS.

Follow the steps below to flush DNS.

  • Open Run by Pressing Windows Key and “R.” once opened, type “cmd.”
  • On the command prompt, type the query “ ipconfig/flushdns.”
  • Press Enter Key. You will get “ Successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache” on the command prompt.
  • Reconnect the VPN and stream Vudu to continue with the leftover movie.

6. Update VPN App

Using an outdated version of the VPN app on your desktop may be why you face the Vudu not working with VPN issue. People who use VPN apps on their mobile phones are aware of the automatic update of the app regularly.

The VPN apps are automatically updated on mobile phones; however, the same doesn’t happen on desktops. As a result, the outdated version of the VPN app halts Vudu transmission on your desktop.

So if you were streaming Vudu n your desktop, the reason mentioned above is the cause. Get your VPN app instantly updated to resolve the issue.

7. Incorrect System Date and Time

The device’s date and time are out of a few essentials that must be kept in the correct order. If a device’s time and date are inaccurate, it can cause many problems, disrupting the VPN connection and many other websites.

So, if Vudu’s blockage with VPN is bothering you, cross-check if the time and date on your device are accurate. If found inaccurate, follow the steps below to rectify them and get the VPN working.

  • Right-click the Date and Time Display on the taskbar.
  • Select “Adjust Date and Time Settings.”
  • Click the “Date and Time” tab.
  • Turn off the option “ Set Time Automatically.”
  • Click the “Change” option below the date and time. In case of a password request, enter your password.
  • Select the time zone from the drop-down box if you need to change your time zone.
  • Select OK.
  • Restart your VPN and connect to a recommended server to enjoy unlimited fun on Vudu.

8. No IP or Host Not Found

“The requested name is valid but doesn’t have an IP address” or “Host not found” are some notifications that pop up on your screen in case issues like Vudu not working with VPN happen.

The first thing to ensure upon getting such notifications is internet connectivity.

If you are supposed to reset or activate your DSL connection manually before going online, you must go through the instructions before connecting to a VPN. It is essential to do so because a VPN doesn’t mean to be a replacement for your internet connection.

ISP is the suspected culprit if you find your VPN connection but Vudu still doesn’t work. It happens because the ISP restricts access to the VPN’s DNS servers. In such a case, manual specification of the DNS servers is recommended.

Follow the steps given below for the manual specification of DNS servers.

Activate The Network Connection Menu

  • Click Start and choose Run.
  • Enter ncpa.cpl and hit OK.
  • In the Network Location Window, locate your standard connection. It can be a LAN internet connection or wireless.
  • Right-click on the connection and select properties.

The DNS Server Settings

  • Double-click the internet protocol, also known as IPv4 or simply IP.
  • Select “Use the following DNS servers addresses.”
  • Enter the following Google server DNS addresses: DNS server to use is 88.8.8. The DNS server backup is
  • Try this in case Google DNS is blocked.
  • Enter and select OK to use Neustar DNS Advantage( and; enter and select Level 3 DNS ( and
  • Flush out DNS data entries, if any, once you set up your computer to use the DNS server provided by your VPN.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Fix Proxy Error

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expressvpn speed

Express VPN works b connecting you to your preferred server. This phenomenal VPN service has 3000 plus US-based servers to offer you a wide range of server selections. However, the New York server is the most recommended one, which connects you to websites in no time. On the other hand, the Miami server is non-recommended because of its slow speed. As speed is mandatory for a server to be efficient, Miami fails and is therefore not recommended.

Besides speed, the incredible security system makes Express Vpn distinguishable in a pool of VPNs. AES-256 Bit Encryption with the IKEv4 protocol’s state-of-the-art encryption system ensures end-to-end encrypted security and doesn’t let your personal data or history leak anyway. Keeping your personal info safer as a sacred secret, ExpressVPN stands tall among all.

Media streamer and simultaneous streams are some of its many amazing features. It caters to a whole family with different tastes. You can simultaneously stream Express VPN on five different devices. This highlights another beautiful side of Express VPN— Device compatibility! Express VPN is compatible with many devices and operating systems like Android phones, Smartphones, iPhones, laptops, Mac books, Desktops, Smart TVs, Apple Tv, Android TV, Firestick, Roku, gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, and Windows, Linux, and iOS.

You must therefore subscribe to ExpressVPN to get done with Vudu not working with VPN issues in the UK. Subscribe to Express VPN for GB 5.48/mo or US $6.67/mo to avail of an excellent service. Not only does it fixes error but it also unblocks geo restricted US channels such as ESPN Plus UK.

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Why Does Vudu Block VPNs?

Vudu is a geo-restricted streaming service. It means it only broadcasts its content in America. If you try to approach the website from a different location using a VPN, the trackers on Vudu can identify you as a foreigner and blocks your VPN.

Once your VPN is blocked, Vudu not working with VPN issue arises.

Can a Free VPN Fix Vudu Proxy Error?

No! No free VPN can do that. Sometimes, even paid VPNs can’t do the job if they are not efficient enough. It is because they either have limited servers with heavy traffic. After all, they are free, or their encryption is not up to the mark.

Unlike a premium VPN with strong encryption to dedicated IP and the fattest servers to tackle the issue, a free VPN fails to tackle it because of lacking the right ingredients.

FAQs – Vudu not working with VPN

Yes! Unfortunately, Vudu can block VPNs in the Uk, and thus you may face Vudu not working with VPN issues.

Yes! You may get Vudu proxy error while travelling in the UK. The best way to eliminate the proxy error while travelling in the UK watching Vudu is to mark “Watch while Abroad.”

To make the pair work, you have to consider a few things. The best way to may Vudu work with a VPN in the UK is to subscribe to a premium VPN like Express VPN in the first place. Use the latest version of the VPN app to eliminate proxy errors and enjoy watching Vudu in the UK.

Subscribe to a premium VPN like Express VPN. The VPN helps spoof your location, gives you a local IP address, and poses you a native to let you gain entry into the otherwise geo-restricted site.

Yes! It is legal to use VPNs online to watch or reach the website of your choice. You can legally use a VPN in the UK to watch Vudu.

Yes! You can easily watch Vukdu with a VPN in the UK.

Yes! You will need a premium VPN like Express VPN to watch Vudu in the UK.


Try our top hacks to tackle Vudu not working with VPN issues like a pro! This comprehensive guide lists the quick fixes in chronological order to help you sort out your problem step-wise. Bringing you the ease of understanding the concept behind many things, this ultimate guide helps you on the topic of Vudu not working with VPN.

Refer to our guide for the professional fixes to enjoy the rip-roaring content on Vudu in the UK with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.