Sling TV Packages, Pricing, and Add-Ons: How Much Is Sling TV A Month

Sling TV is a fantastic way to watch live television for little money. This is your opportunity to switch from the cable without spending a fortune and still get many of your favorite channels. Thanks to Sling TV’s Free Trial offer through which you can try every entertainment that Sling TV offers to its customers.

Sling TV isn’t the only OTT service for people ditching their cable subscriptions, though, since Hulu, YouTube TV, Disney+ Hotstar UK, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix all offer OTT services to its customers.

Sling TV has two basic plans, each with over 30 channels. Both services begin at £23 per month and provide over 30 channels. The Sling may be viewed on iOS, Android, and many other devices as well as many smart TVs. New clients can obtain a free three-day trial of any Sling plan for a limited time.

We’ve also gone through the nitty-gritty of each Sling TV Packages, Pricing, and Add-Ons to help you decide which one is ideal for your needs.

What Are The Packages For Sling TV?

The cost of both Sling Orange and Sling Blue is the same.

Sling Orange, which has 32 channels for £23 per month, is more expensive than Sling Blue, which prices £23 per month and includes about 47 channels. The Orange/Blue plan, on the other hand, includes two separate channel lineups, so if you want to be sure you can watch your favorite station, go for the combined Blue/Orange package for £34.50 and access to 53 channels.

For a monthly charge, Sling TV offers many of the same channels as a cable for about half the price. There are various add-ons available for purchase, so if you want them all, your monthly payment may end up being above £76.68.

You can use external antennas with Sling TV, but they must be in a permitted location. If you prepay for 2 months of Sling TV pre-payments, you may receive a free indoor antenna. If you don’t have a Sling TV box, you may save money by pre-paying for 2 months of service. With an antenna, you’ll receive a free AirTV Player and adaptor.

If you’re interested in trying Sling out for free, you can do so with a three-day free trial. Alternatively, Sling Free is a brand new free television streaming service that offers above 5,000 free Sling TV programs. No need to provide your login or financial information to use it.

How Much Is Sling TV A Month?

The most significant distinction between the two Sling TV packages is that Orange is a single-stream service, as opposed to Blue, which supports up to three simultaneous streams.

Not only do you need to pay attention to the subscription fees, but also keep in mind that if you have family or friends using your account, they may not be aware of them. Only one stream can be utilized at a time with the Sling Orange package. On Sling Blue, you may have numerous people watching various stations at the same time.

Brief Overview Of Sling TV Packages:

Key Attributes Sling Orange  Sling Blue Sling Orange + Blue
Price/month £23 ($30) £23 ($30) £34.50 ($45)
Price/year £276.03 ($360) £276.03 ($360) £414.05 ($540)
Number Of Channels  32 47 53
Channels exclusively available on; CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, Freeform, MotorTrend. Bravo, Fox, FX,HLN, MSNBC, NBC, TLC, USA El Rey, FX, USA, Viceland.

What Are Slings Add-Ons?

Sling offers two reduced-price bundles that allow you to add on extra programming packages from the base package.

Most Popular Add-Ons Plan: (£16.10/month)

The Sling TV channel lineup consists of 7 basic and extra channel packages. The following additional channel packages are available through Sling TV: Comedy, Sports, News, Kids, Heartland, Hollywood, and Lifestyle. It also includes DVR Plus. You save £18.40 every month by purchasing it all at once if you get this package.

Four Additional Add-Ons: (£9.97/month)

Sling Blue offers the following four add-ons for a monthly cost of £9.97: Comedy, Kids, Lifestyle, and News. The bundle is£9.97 per month, which is about half the price of purchasing all four add-ons separately.

How Much Are Premium Channels On Sling TV?

You may also opt for a premium package that includes Showtime, which costs £7.67 per month. The six Starz stations cost £6.90 each month. EPIX has four channels that cost £3.83 per month.

Starting at just £2.30 per month, you can gain access to superior services such as Lion Mountain TV (an outdoor content network) and Watch It Scream! (for horror), both of which are available for a low monthly fee. With the Stingray Karaoke bundle, you’ll receive 10,000 English and Spanish songs.

Can I Watch Local Channels On Sling TV?

Yes, Sling does have live local channels, but their availability varies by location. NBC and Fox are accessible through Sling in certain cities and zones. To watch them, you’ll need the Sling Blue package or the Sling Blue +Orange bundle. If you travel outside of Sling TV’s coverage area, those stations might not be available.

Consider purchasing one of the top HDTV antennas to watch all of your local channels if you want to watch more broadcast network programming. You may subscribe to Showtime, the NBA League, and other channels without subscribing to one of its two main packages i.e; Sling TV Blue and Orange subscriptions.

Sling TV’s user-friendly interface lets football fans figure out which channels will broadcast their favorite team’s games. Simply go to and search by your team’s city, state, or name to see what options are available in your region. If you enter your ZIP code, you’ll be able to see what games are currently available in your region.

What Is The Downside Of Sling TV?


  1. Cheaper than top competitors and significantly less expensive.
  2. It is compatible with practically every mobile and a streaming device.
  3. The availability of free streaming devices on a persistent basis is a big incentive for customers.


  1. Only part of the channels available in your area is accessible.
  2. It’s difficult to understand channel packages.
  3. Add-on packages for services that provide basic subscription tiers of other providers are required.

Wrapping Up!

If you enjoy channel surfing and want to subscribe to a large number of channels, cable or satellite television are your greatest alternatives. If the Sling TV package, pricing, and add-on choices have the bulk of the programming you desire, it may be the finest solution for all of your streaming needs.

You can also add other internet services, such as Amazon Prime (£91.24 per year), Crackle (free), Hulu (£6.13/month), and Netflix (£8.43/month), to Sling’s programming package.

Consider what you want to watch and how much it would cost if you used Sling TV or other internet-based streaming services instead of traditional cable or satellite television. You may now try out Sling TV for free for three days to see whether it meets your streaming demands.