Cheapest ways to get Sky Sports outside the UK in 2023 [Updated Guide]


Are you a massive sports enthusiast searching for how to get Sky Sports in cheapest way in UK? You are lucky because this article will teach you the cheapest ways to get Sky Sports outside UK.

Sky Sports is the premier sports news channel, providing coverage of competitions and events from around the globe. Despite this, there is no way around the fact that it is somewhat pricey. But don’t worry, we will show you how to obtain Sky Sports at the lowest possible cost so that you won’t have to choose between watching your favourite game and paying the bills.

There is an option available in the form of Now TV for those who do not have Sky TV or cannot pay the pricey Sky Sports bundle. The potential savings from this alternative may be enormous. You can also watch other sports like Darts Cazoo 2023 UK Open, Bahrain Grand Prix and many more.

Playback is unavailable” appears when you attempt to view Sky Sports and Showmax outside UK due to geo-restrictions. However, people outside the UK can’t use Sky Sports since the service is blocked. You will need to connect to a trustworthy and Premium VPN to access Sky Sports in countries where it is blocked due to geographic restrictions. ExpressVPN is highly recommended by us owing to its lightning-fast connections and secure servers.

Cheapest Ways To Get Sky Sports [Quick Guide]

Subscribers can access Sky Sports at the lowest possible price through Now TV. Do you wish to take a look at some reasonably priced plans and their costs? Here it is:

  1. The most affordable broadband, provided by Now, begins at £45. The day pass, provided by Now TV, is £9.99.
  2. The most affordable Subscription television package, provided by Sky, starts at £53 per month.
  3. Now offers the lowest rate on a no-Contract plan, at only GB £33.99 per month.
  4. The most reasonably priced one-time offer | Provided by Present Company | Mobile Month subscription is included in the price of £9.98.
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Sky Sports Offers on NOW TV: Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports

Similar to Netflix and BBC iPlayer, NOW TV is a streaming video service that allows users to watch videos whenever they want. The most notable distinction is that it enables you to view Sky channels. Why go through trouble when you can just do it simply? However, NOW TV is a lot more affordable. In addition, as you will see in the next section, bargains may always drive the price down even more.

Now TV Sky Sports One Day Pass

Lasting for a day, the Now TV day pass is the best option If you are planning on viewing a particular game or sports show, and it can be purchased for £9.99 (GBP).

Now TV Sky Sports Month Pass

Sky Sports month pass costs $39.99 and can be cancelled anytime, making it ideal for watching a whole series of your chosen sport. Sky Sports subscriptions continue automatically unless terminated at least 24 hours in advance of the payment date, and each month lasts for 31 days regardless of the number of days in that month.

Sky Sports Mobile Month Membership

On NOW, you can watch all 11 Sky Sports channels for £33.99 per month without signing a contract. You will have unrestricted access to Sky Sports News, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Racing, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Mix, on your mobile device. Take the live action of your favourite sports event with you everywhere you go and enjoy every minute of it.

What Sports Can You Watch on Sky Sports Through NOW TV?

If you are considering purchasing a subscription to Now TV, you first need to find out what stations you will have access to by doing so. In essence, there are Eleven channels available. The following is an overview of the available channels on Now TV. These channels feature a variety of favourite sports.

  1. Sky Sports News
  2. Sky Sports F1
  3. Sky Sports Golf
  4. Sky Sports Cricket
  5. Sky Sports Football
  6. Sky Sports Premier League
  7. Sky Sports Racing
  8. Sky Sports Arena
  9. Sky Sports Action
  10. Sky Sports Main Event
  11. Sky Sports Mix

FAQ – Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports

Getting a NOW TV pass is the cheapest way to get Sky Sports. You can get a one-day, one week, or one month passes.

Yes, it is cheaper to get Sky Sports through NOW TV as Sky Sports content is available via NOW TV monthly. You will save more than 25 percent off the regular monthly fee, and you are not obligated to pay for the whole year.

Yes, you can get Sky Sports even if you do not have Sky TV if you join up for NOW TV. With NOW, you may purchase a subscription to Sky Sports TV on a monthly or daily basis, giving you one of the most flexible choices of all the available options.


This post serves as a guide to help readers understand Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports, which is by subscribing to Now TV. Sky Sports is an excellent channel, but its high subscription fees may make you think twice about signing up.

Subscribing to Now TV is the best, most practical and Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports to save costs and put more money in your pocket. By providing a no-risk demo, Now TV has removed another barrier to entry for potential customers.