How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 [Updated: 2023]

The Netflix app is a popular platform for watching streaming movies. However, Netflix Error Code: UI-800-3 may jeopardize your leisure enjoyment.

If you’re having difficulties viewing Netflix, your video provider may be at fault. It implies that Netflix was unable to link with you, and an error code persists after rebooting the software. Here’s what you need to do to repair UI-800-3 so you can resume watching your favorite Netflix shows and movies.

What Is Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

When using Netflix, many customers encounter the UI-800-3 caching problem. When Netflix’s cache data is misplaced, it causes an error code. As a result of this issue, an error occurs.

The UI-800-3 error message can indicate any of the following:

You may encounter the UI-800-3 error or similar problems such as:

Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Blu-ray Disc players are all prone to the Netflix error code UI-800-3.

Reasons: Why does Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 Occur?

This issue affects a wide range of streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Blu-ray players, smart TVs, and game consoles. The error code is most often caused by Netflix’s data being stored on the device in use.

One of these reasons might be to blame if you experience the Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 message:

  • There might be certain problems with your streaming device.
  • Your device’s cache may not have been deleted.
  • There could be a problem with the Netflix application.
  • Your network connection may be having issues.
  • Your router’s wifi signals might be weak.
  • The DNS Settings on your gaming device may not have been validated while using Netflix.

There might be an issue with the cache data or the program itself, so finding the appropriate solution may necessitate going a few steps.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Regardless of the streaming device, you’re using to access it, there are a few simple techniques you can apply to address the Netflix UI-800-3 error code until Netflix resumes functioning.

Solution # 1 – Reboot Your Streaming Device

Reboot the device on which you desire to stream to fix a damaged video player. UI-800-3 may sometimes be restored by turning off your streaming gadget in certain cases. This entails fully turning off the equipment and then removing it. You may require to leave the equipment disconnected for around 60 seconds to 180 seconds for this approach to work.

Solution # 2 – Log Out From Your Netflix Account

If you’re still having difficulties signing in to Netflix, consider signing out and then back in again. In some cases, simply logging out of Netflix and then back in will do the trick. If you can’t log out of Netflix on your streaming device, go to the Netflix official website on your computer. On the Account page, choose to Sign Out All Devices from your Netflix Account page.

Solution # 3 – Clean The Netflix App From Data Or Cache

Remove any residual data from the Netflix app after using it. Some streaming devices allow you to erase locally stored information without uninstalling the Netflix app. For example, you may simply clear the cache on your Fire TV from the system menu.

Solution # 4 – Remove The Netflix App And Then Reinstall It.

To completely erase all of your local data, do the following: If there is no method to clear the cache or remove local data in the Netflix app, it must be deleted and reinstalled. This is also true if clearing the cache does not work.

Solution # 5 – Reinitialize Your Streaming Device.

Restoring your Netflix account on a Fire TV or Roku restarts the program with its original condition after you download it for the first time. If your Samsung Smart Hub is labeled UI-800-3, performing a reset may be necessary to fix that problem.

Solution # 6 – Reboot Your Home Broadband.

Back up your data and change your passwords. Then, as a last resort, reboot your home broadband. Unplug your streaming device, then unplug and turn on your modem and router.

Solution # 7 – For More Information, Visit The Netflix Help Centre.

The official Netflix help page offers detailed instructions for fixing UI-800-3 on specific devices.


The UI-800-3 implies that your cache data is no longer current. To obtain the most up-to-date information for functioning, you must first erase it. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways as described in the article.

Because of technical issues with your system, Netflix is displaying you an error UI-800-3 message. It might have data in the incorrect cache, preventing it from accessing the app. Alternatively, it might be a server-side issue that isn’t really under your control.

There are numerous strategies to use. Our team has already prepared a comprehensive guide for you to assist with this circumstance, which goes through each of these. However, here are some of the quick fixes for dealing with the Netflix error UI-800-3 quickly as a reference.

  • Rebooting your streaming device
  • Re-initialize the Netflix App
  • Re-install the Netflix App

Final Thought

On a streaming service like Netflix Error Code: UI-800-3  is rather straightforward to find. If your smart TV or gaming console needs to be updated, an error message may display on the screen.

Restarting your device may solve a variety of error codes, but it isn’t always successful. You may also remove the data and cache files from Netflix. It’s possible that resetting Netflix on your device will allow you to get rid of this error code.

In this tutorial, we also have offered some advice for dealing with Netflix if you’re having difficulties.