How To Fix Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101[Updated: 2023]

It’s an error code that occurs when you try to view Netflix on several platforms, including PlayStation 3, Roku, Xbox 360, Smart TVs, and more. This is a serious problem affecting many individuals.

According to Netflix, this is a typical problem that can be readily resolved with little work. Users, on the other hand, claimed that the error warning remained after their attempts to fix it. 

In this post, we’ve put up a list of potential solutions and fixes that you can use to fix this error code on your own. Make sure you read up on the reasons for Netflix Error Code TVQ-PB-101 so that you know what causes it.

What Is Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101

This error problem occurred as a result of the outdated URL, or you may need to log out and log back in your browser to refresh all elements and watch Netflix without any problems.

If you see an error code TVQ-PB-101 when attempting to watch a Netflix movie, this indicates that your device needs to be reset.

Reasons: Why The Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101 Occurs?

We discovered that the following are some of the most significant causes behind this error code.

  • Malfunctioning Device:

Because of the numerous factors that can affect it, your device might be in an error state frequently as a result of incorrect temporary settings. This is a typical error code and can usually be resolved by unplugging and rebooting the gadget.

  • Outdated Netflix Version:

You may receive the Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101 on your device from time to time as a result of a change in the Netflix software. If you receive the Netflix error code: TVQ-PB-101, we suggest that you update the version of Netflix installed and then attempt to fix it.

  • Poor Internet Connection

In some cases, the internet connection you are utilizing may not be able to properly display the program because of bandwidth limitation or general service deterioration. It’s important that your ISP’s bandwidth is high enough to support the resolution of your stream.

  • Disruption Of Services:

Check the status of your service and/or the servers being down for routine maintenance. As a result, if the servers are truly down because there is nothing you can do about it from your end, we recommend that you check any internet indications of service outage and then wait.

  • Start-up Configurations:

Many devices save a certain number of launch configurations, which helps them to speed up the next time they are launched. However, if you’ve deleted or lost your launch configurations, you’ll receive the Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101. As a result, we recommend that you restart your device in order to see if it works.

  • Clean The Cached Data:

The data you’ve already stored on your device might be to blame for the problem you’re seeing on your computer in other cases. As a result, we recommend that you attempt to clear the cache to see whether this solves the issue.

  • Outdated Streaming Device:

It’s conceivable that your Netflix-streaming device is out of date, and it may need an OS or Firmware upgrade. As a result, we recommend attempting to update the device’s firmware in order to see whether any pre-existing versions are present and if they can be deleted.

How To Fix Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101

It is critical that you first understand the reasons why this problem happens in order to properly address it. Now that we’ve gone through some basic causes for this condition, you may get started on implementing strategies to permanently cure Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101.

Method 1: Make Sure Your Internet Connectivity Is Strong Enough:

Make sure you have an active internet connection on your computer before attempting technical workarounds. Netflix will not work properly if you have a restricted internet connection or if there are firewall or proxy restrictions. If you’re availing of streaming services over an open network connection, it’s best to go private.

Offices, Hospitals, and other public places frequently have open/public connections. These links are known to be slow when it comes to streaming or downloading multimedia content. 

Connect another device to the same network and see if the problem persists if you want to make sure your internet connection is working as expected. If it doesn’t, there’s a problem with your device not with your internet.

Method 2: Reboot Your Streaming Device:

  • Power off your streaming device/TV/PS5/PS4, and wait for at least 2-3 minutes before turning it back on.
  • Go to the Netflix app on your TV and start watching something.
  • If the problem doesn’t appear, you’re all set. However, if the Netflix error code: tvq-pb-101 shows up, then you should move on to the next solution

Method 3: Examine The Status Of Netflix Server:

Before we power cycle your devices, double-check to see whether Netflix services are functioning correctly or not. We came across a number of instances where Netflix was unavailable at the server level because of this problem, causing customers to be unable to watch programs.

Another noteworthy point to consider is that while Netflix services appear to be functioning, they are not apparent from the backend; in many situations, we found that Netflix services were down despite the server status indicating otherwise.

There’s a good chance that the official server status will always be up to date, but if you’re having trouble connecting to it, try searching for other people who are having the same issue on different sites. If you find any, there’s a decent chance that the outage is at the backend, and things will be fine in a few hours.

Method 4: Power Cycle Your Streaming Device:

If the first solution fails, try this one,  many people have succeeded in using it to fix the Netflix Error tvq-pb-101.

Follow these instructions to get started:

  • Take out the power cable from your router’s power switch to completely turn off your connection.
  • Allow it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before reconnecting the power.
  • Then, see if Netflix error tvq-pb-101 is resolved and Netflix starts working.

Method 5: Using a Different Profile:

Another approach to test before reinstalling the Netflix app is to log in using a different Netflix account on your device. There are numerous errors with the user profile stored on your device. When you access another account, this may help to diagnose and fix any issues with your account.

The way to log out of your Netflix account on a particular device is different. You may quickly log out on Roku, while Samsung TVs necessitate additional steps. We’ve focused our attention on how to quit playing Netflix on your Smart TV in this method.

  • After you have logged in to Netflix and started the application, wait for it to load.
  • To quit an app, open the menu and go to Settings > Log out of applications. Make sure you press each key in the correct order. Consider what happens at your screen while performing the operations:
  • To delete your TV account, go to Settings -> Select Deactivate from the drop-down menu.
  • If the problem persists, reset your Smart TV and log in again. Examine whether the difficulty still exists.

If you don’t have another browser on hand, try logging in to your Netflix account with it. It’s conceivable that the procedure is identical, but double-checking that your account is still active on a computer isn’t a bad idea.

Method 6: Netflix Update/Re-installation:

If everything else fails, you should check to see whether your Netflix software is outdated. It’s worth noting that devices like TVs and Xboxes don’t generally inform you if your Netflix software is out of date.

The program works as intended and there is no alert or notification. However, Netflix has unleashed a major upgrade at the backend, and not having that version usually results in an error notice.

There are two methods to update the Netflix program; you may either delete it and reinstall it, or go to the Update section and look for updates there. We usually prefer the earlier approach since it downloads a new copy of the program while also updating it, eliminating the worry of faulty data retained in the software.

We’ve outlined a process for deleting an app on Smart Televisions in this post. You may use similar tactics on your own devices.

  1. On your Smart TV remote, press the Home button (it will display as a home).
  2. From the Settings menu, choose Applications. Then go to the Settings page (a gear symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen).
  3. Now, go to the Netflix program with the remote keys. When you select the application, several choices will appear below it. Delete is the option to choose.
  4. When the prompt appears, select Delete Now all of your Netflix data will be erased from your Android TV. After the process is finished, restart it completely.
  5. You can also go to the app store and search for Netflix, download the application, and run it from there. Check if the problem is fixed after you’ve entered your login information.

Method 7: Delete Your Netflix Cache:

Having a cache is advantageous in speeding up your surfing and taking the strain off of your internet connection. A big Netflix cache might cause issues, even if you have one. To remove your Netflix cache on your smartphone, go to Settings > General > Apps or Applications > Netflix > Storage > Delete Data or Clear Storage.

Method 8: Check The Amount Of Disk Storage On Your Device:

Users who use an Xbox or PlayStation gaming console to watch Netflix frequently complain about a lack of storage. When storage on these devices is low, Netflix will not be able to operate.

For example, to watch Netflix on Xbox, you must have at least 8MB of storage available. To view your Xbox storage capacity, go to the Guide button > Settings > System > Storage.

Method 9:Change The VPN Server:

VPNs can help secure your privacy, yet they may occasionally cause issues with your Netflix subscription. The majority of VPNs will automatically connect to the optimum available server. However, the material you want to view might not be accessible in that region.

If you think a VPN is causing issues with your Netflix access, look for any titles or programs that are accessible in the country where your account was originally created. Then, change the VPN server’s location to match.

Method 10:Users Must Be Logged Out Individually:

In certain circumstances, having numerous users observe from a single account at the same time might result in your account being flagged for suspicious activity.

If you have a large number of users, this might be the case. To simultaneously boot all of your customers, go to Account > Settings > Sign Out of All Devices.

If you are the only one with access to the account profile, you may try to continue watching on Netflix and see if the problem reappears.


There could be a variety of issues preventing you from watching Netflix. Fortunately, there are many techniques for resolving Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101, whether it’s due to your connection, equipment, or software.

We’ve attempted our best to describe the most common reasons for the Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101 and how to fix it in this guide.