The Best Anime on Netflix in UK to Watch [Updated]


In this article, we compiled the best anime on Netflix UK to watch.

But first things first, Netflix has delighted millions of its subscribers by offering high-quality movies and original series. It also has a wide range of entertainment shows that have been hand-picked to fit the user’s interests.

One of the most well-liked types of entertainment is anime series films, which have amassed a significant number of followers throughout the course of their existence. So, if you want to get into anime, it’s important to start with series that are going to be worth your while. The list of New anime on Netflix is coming your way.

The good news is that Netflix has some of the best anime series of all time streaming on its service. The bad news is that the streaming service also has a lot of really bad TV shows to sort through.

If you try to access the best anime Netflix movies from outside of its legal area, you should know how to change Netflix region with the help of a VPN in order to view the best anime on Netflix in UK and its other genres.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done most of the hard work already and pulled out the best anime on Netflix UK for you to watch whether you’re a long-time fan or just dipping your toes in.

1. Bubble (2022)


Director: Tetsuro Araki
Writer: Gen Urobuchi, Renji Ooki, Naoko Satou
Cast: Jun Shison, Mamoru Miyano, Riria, Tasuku Hatanaka, Yûki Kaji, Ryôta Ôsaka, Sayaka Senbongi, Marina Inoue, Wataru Hatano, Alice Hirose, Shin’ichirô Miki
Run time: 1h 41min
Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Sport
IMDB Rating: 4.4 out of 10

Bubble is a post-apocalyptic Japanese animated film that was developed by Wit Studio in the year 2022. Character designs were created by Takeshi Obata, while Hiroyuki Sawano was responsible for the score. Tetsuro Araki was the director of the film, and Gen Urobuchi was the writer.

A talented young guy has a fortuitous encounter with a strange young lady in Tokyo that has been abandoned and is being overrun by bubbles and gravitational oddities.

2. My Hero Academia (2016)


Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Writer: Kôhei Horikoshi,
Cast: Justin Briner, Ayane Sakura, Daiki Yamashita, Yûki Kaji, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Jun’ichi Suwabe, Kaito Ishikawa, Toshiki Masuda, Kenta Miyake, Clifford Chapin
Run time: 24min
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Fantasy,
IMDB Rating: 8.4 out of 10

Izuku had the misfortune of being born perfectly normal in a world where eighty percent of the population had some type of super-powered Quirk. However, this won’t prevent him from signing up for a prominent hero training school.
As he prepares to take the ruthless, no-holds-barred provisional license exam, he will have his first experience with the vicious competition that comes from other schools.

3. Castlevania (2017)


Director: Adam Deats, Sam Deats, Amanda Sitareh B., Spencer Wan
Writer: Warren Ellis
Cast: Richard Armitage, Alejandra Reynoso, James Callis
Run time: 23min
Genre: Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 8.3 out of 10

This anime series, which is a dark fantasy set in the middle ages, was inspired by a popular computer game series. The story focuses on Trevor Belmont, the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont dynasty, as he fights to protect Eastern Europe from being wiped out by Vlad Dracula Tepes.

As Dracula and his legion of vampires prepare to rid the world of humanity’s taint, Belmont is no longer alone, and he and his misfit allies are racing to discover a means to save mankind from the grief-maddened Dracula. In the meantime, Dracula and his legion of vampires are getting ready to rid the world of humanity’s stain.

4. Vampire in the Garden (2022)


Director: Hiroyuki Tanaka, Ryôtarô Makihara
Writer: Ryôtarô Makihara
Cast: Kellen Goff, Megumi Han, Paul Castro Jr., Yû Kobayashi, Connor Fogarty, Larissa Gallagher, Lipica Shah, Luis Bermudez
Run time: 26min
Genre: Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Animation, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery & Thriller
IMDB Rating: 6.7 out of 10

An original Japanese web series created by Wit Studio is called Vampire in the Garden.

Once upon a time, humans and vampires coexisted peacefully. Now, a young girl and a vampire queen will go out on another adventure to find that Paradise. In the world of the future, where humans and vampires live separate lives, there are two young women who both wish to break the rules by pursuing their passions for what is considered taboo.

5. Record of Ragnarok (2021)


Director: Masao Ôkubo
Writer: Yung-I Chang,
Cast: Kellen Goff, Laura Post, Chris Edgerly, Reba Buhr, Miyuki Sawashiro, Ben Pronsky, Anairis Quinones, Cory Yee, Yukihiro Nozuyama, Tomoyo Kurosawa
Run time: 24min
Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery & Thriller, Fantasy,
IMDB Rating: 6.2 out of 10

If the idea of the divine beings giving humanity a last chance to prove itself in a tournament-style setting appeals to you, then you should check out the first season of Record of Ragnarok, which consists of twelve episodes.

If you are a fan of The Seven Deadly Sins, list mate JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or the idea that the gods are giving humanity one last chance to prove itself, then you should watch this show. It is a race to seven victories out of thirteen rounds, and the pace is just right for watching, yet the animation is more conventional and the fights are over the top.

If we are forced to reflect on our own humanity and confront the end of the world, then let it be while we watch 13 champions compete to prove their worth against the pantheon of gods.

6. A Whisker Away (2020)


Director: Junichi Sato , Tomotaka Shibayama
Writer: Mari Okada
Cast: Natsuki Hanae, Mirai Shida, Johnny Yong Bosch
Run time: 1h 44min
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Kids & Family,
IMDB Rating: 6.7 out of 10

The intricate storyline and top-notch animation of “A Whisker Away Story” make it a top contender for the title of “Best Anime Movie on Netflix 2022.” The idea that people may turn into cats is one of the most interesting aspects of the best-animated film in anime, which is also one of the most successful movies in the history of anime.

In the anime film Whisker Away, the naive Miyo Sasaki finds herself developing feelings for a fellow student. Because she is too timid to approach him directly, she disguises herself as a cat in order to get his attention. This film has several amazing anime segments that are presented quite well.

Despite this, it becomes clear during the course of this brilliantly animated film that she is gradually losing herself to the animal shape more and more each day. This feature-length film does a wonderful job of describing what it means to be an animated movie.

7. The Daily Life of the Immortal King (2020)


Director: Zhu BeNing, Ku Xuan
Writer: N/A
Cast: Ku Xuan,
Run time: 19min
Genre: Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 7.2 out of 10

After vanquishing a formidable monster when he was just six years old, the bright magician Wang Ling must now navigate high school as if he were any other typical adolescent.

Wang Ling is a being that is close to unbeatable and possesses abilities that are much beyond his ability to control. However, now that he is sixteen, he faces his most difficult challenge to date: senior year of high school. Wang Ling is a being that is close to unbeatable and possesses abilities that are much beyond his ability to control.

8. Super Crooks (2021)


Director: Motonobu Hori
Writer: Tsukasa Kondo, Kevin Hoffer
Cast: Kenjirô Tsuda, Maaya Sakamoto, Jonah Scott, Doug Stone, Abby Trott, Michael C. Pizzuto, Bill Butts, David Cooley, Wilber Zaldivar, Yasuji Kimura, Ben Pronsky, Bruno Oliver, Bill Rogers
Run time: 30m
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 7.1 out of 10

Super Crooks made its platform debut in December and is based on the four-issue comic book series by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu. Following Johnny Bolt and his crew of thieves as they seek to carry off the ultimate robbery is this prologue to the comic book series.

A polished beginning, a straightforward yet action-packed plot, and sharp (Studio Bones) aesthetics are all included in this universe of super-powered individuals.

This 13-episode series was undoubtedly a 2021 surprise, even while it won’t be to everyone’s taste (if forgiveness arcs and personal growth are your things, you’ll be left wanting).

9. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (2021)


Director: Eiichirô Hasumi
Writer: Eiichirô Hasumi, Shôgo Mutô, Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Cast: Billy Kametz, Stephanie Panisello, Doug Stone, Jona Xiao, Joe Thomas, Nick Apostolides, Brad Venable, Aleks Le, Anthony Tai, Ray Chase,
Run time: 27min
Genre: Science-Fiction, Horror, Drama, Animation, Action & Adventure
IMDB Rating: 5.7 out of 10

To investigate a zombie outbreak, federal agent Leon S. Kennedy teams up with TerraSave staff member Claire Redfield. Based on Capcom’s popular video game series of the same name.

10. Kakegurui (2017)


Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda, Takashi Kobayashi, Yûichirô Hayashi
Writer: Christian La Monte, Tooru Nakamura, Homura Kawamoto
Cast: Minami Tanaka, Tatsuya Tokutake, Mayu Udono, Yuki Wakai, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kira Buckland, Erika Harlacher, Laura Megan Stahl, Ayaka Fukuhara, Mayu Udono
Run time: 24min
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Drama, Mystery & Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7.2 out of 10

Private Academy Hyakkaou is a posh institution with a rather strange curriculum. You see, when you’re the offspring of the richest of the rich, it’s not your academic or athletic skill that keeps you on top. Reading your opponent is the deal-making art. What more effective method to polish those abilities than with a demanding gambling curriculum? The winners of Hyakkaou Private Academy are treated like royalty, while the losers go through hell. But Yumeko Jabami will show these students what a high roller actually looks like when she enrolls!

11. B: The Beginning (2018)


Director: Kenichi Matsuzawa, Takahiro Kawakoshi, Kazuto Nakazawa
Writer: Jalen K. Cassell, Katsuya Ishida, Kazuto Nakazawa
Cast: Asami Seto, Johnny Yong Bosch, Hiroaki Hirata, Allegra Clark, Patrick Seitz, Cristina Valenzuela, Patrick Seitz, Kyle McCarley, Ray Chase, Khoi Dao
Run time: 25min
Genre: Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Animation, Crime, Horror, Mystery & Thriller Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.1 out of 10

Scientists hope that “new humans” will bring about universal peace in this anime series, but they are kidnapped by an evil group with very different plans.

12. Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015)


Director: Thomas Astruc, Wilfried Pain
Writer: Thomas Astruc, Sébastien Thibaudeau, Fred Lenoir
Cast: Bryce Papenbrook, Mela Lee, Cristina Valenzuela, Ben Diskin, Keith Silverstein, Kira Buckland, Max Mittelman, Matthew Mercer, Carrie Keranen, Christopher Corey Smith
Run time: 21min
Genre: Animation, Kids & Family, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.6 out of 10

Normal high school students by day, Parisian guardians by night! Miraculous chronicles Marinette and Adrien’s brave exploits as they transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir and go on the hunt for the akumas, the creatures that are responsible for converting the citizens of Paris into criminals. However, neither hero is aware of the other’s true identity or the fact that they are classmates!

13. Spriggan (2022)


Director: Hiroshi Kobayashi
Writer: Ryoji Minagawa, Hiroshi Seko, Hiroshi Takashige
Cast: Ryan Colt Levy, Chiaki Kobayashi, D.C. Douglas, Deneen Melody, Bill Rogers, Jenny Yokobori, Kellen Goff, Xander Mobus, Michael C. Pizzuto, Greg Chun
Run time: 46min
Genre: Animation, War & Military, Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Drama,
IMDB Rating: 6.9 out of 10

The Spriggan agents of ARCAM Corporation are tasked with keeping ancient civilization relics on Earth from falling into the wrong hands because they contain dangerous powers.

14. Baki Hanma (2021)


Director: Toshiki Hirano
Writer: Harry Darkins, Keisuke Itagaki, Seth Walther
Cast: Bumper Robinson, Todd Haberkorn, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kyle Hebert, Troy Baker, Kyle McCarley, Mick Wingert, Patrick Seitz, Andrew Kishino, Kirk Thornton
Run time: 25min
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Animation, Sport, Mystery & Thriller
IMDB Rating: 6.6 out of 10

Baki goes to Arizona State Prison to learn the skills he needs to defeat his strong father and face notorious prisoner Mr. Unchained.

15. High-Rise Invasion (2021)


Director: Masahiro Takada
Writer: Bob Buchholz, Touko Machida
Cast: Yuichiro Umehara, Zeno Robinson, Shiki Aoki, Jennie Kwan, Jonah Scott, Akira Sekine, Junya Enoki, Stephanie Sheh, Cristina Valenzuela, Yôko Hikasa
Run time: 25min
Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Thriller, Science-Fiction, Animation, Horror
IMDB Rating: 6.5 out of 10

High school student Yuri is startled to discover herself on the rooftop of a tall structure. She is imprisoned in an odd world full of skyscrapers where a masked man shattered a man’s head open with an ax right in front of her eyes.

Her top priorities are to figure out how to survive this bizarre world, locate her beloved brother, and flee. However, she is in constant danger not only from the enigmatic Masks, which have unimaginable strength and cruelty but also from other survivors who have been turned cruel or desperate by the high-rise world’s madness.

16. Blue Period (2021)


Director: Katsuya Asano, Kôji Masunari
Writer: Shane Gotcher, Tsubasa Yamaguchi, Reiko Yoshida
Cast: Yumiri Hanamori, Johnny Yong Bosch, Adin Rudd, Amber Lee Connors, Hiromu Mineta, Griffin Burns, Marcy Edwards, Chris Tergliafera, Chris Smith
Run time: 25min
Genre: Animation, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Popular high schooler Yatora Yaguchi, who is bored with life, is inspired by a painting and decides to enter the stunning but demanding world of art.

17. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021)


Director: Kyohei Ishiguro
Writer: Dai Satô
Cast: Kimberley Wong, Somegorô Ichikawa, Megumi Han, Victoria Grace, Hana Sugisaki, Sam Lavagnino, Ivan Mok, Natsuki Hanae, Sumire Morohoshi, Yuuki Luna, Megumi Nakajima
Run time: 1h 27min
Genre: Romance, Animation, Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.8 out of 10

A shy boy who uses haiku to express himself and a bubbly but self-conscious girl share a brief, magical summer after meeting one bright, sunny day.

18. The Promised Neverland: Chapter 2 (2019)


Director: Mamoru Kanbe, Yoshiki Kitai, Kaito Asakura
Writer: Nagai Chiaki, Posuka Demizu, Nanao
Cast: Shinei Ueki, Sumire Morohoshi, Yuuko Mori, Koko Hayashi, Mariya Ise, Mari Hino, Yuko Kaida, Erisa Kuon, Maaya Uchida, Yoshino Aoyama
Run time: 23min
Genre: Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Drama, Animation, Horror, Mystery & Thriller Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 8.3 out of 10

The Grace Field House, which has a gated entrance and is surrounded by a forest, is home to a large family of orphans who are content to live together under Isabella’s care. The kids are free to do whatever they want with their time, usually playing outside, as long as they don’t go too far from the orphanage — a rule they are expected to follow no matter what — even though they have to take tests every day. A child is adopted and sent to live with their new family every few months, so all good things must come to an end. never again to be heard from.

The three oldest siblings, however, have their doubts about what is actually taking place at the orphanage and are about to learn the cruel fate that is in store for the kids living at Grace Field, as well as the perverse nature of their cherished Mama.

19. Darwin’s Game (2020)


Director: Yoshinobu Tokumoto
Writer: Katelyn Barr
Cast: Elizabeth Maxwell, Reina Ueda, Yûsuke Kobayashi, Yumiri Hanamori, Tia Lynn Ballard, Brittany Lauda, Stephen Fu, Jamie Marchi, Caitlin Glass, Mike McFarland
Run time: 25min
Genre: Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure, Animation, Drama, Mystery & Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7.2 out of 10

When Sudou Kaname, a typical high school student, opens the mysterious “Darwin’s Game” app after receiving an invitation via email, he is immediately drawn into a game where players battle one another using special abilities called Sigils. Can Kaname endure ferocious battles against the strong players who pursue him without understanding the significance of everything that is happening?

20. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Director: Shuhei Morita
Writer: Aaron Dismuke, John Burgmeier, Josh Grelle
Cast: Sora Amamiya, Sean Hennigan, Natsuki Hanae, Brina Palencia, Lara Woodhull, Austin Tindle, Christopher Sabat, Clifford Chapin, Monica Rial, Phil Parsons
Run time: 24min
Genre: Animation, Mystery & Thriller, Drama, Action & Adventure, Horror, Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 7.8 out of 10

A girl named Rize is introduced to bookworm college student Ken Kaneki at a cafe he frequently visits. They quickly bond because they are the same age and share similar interests. Kaneki is unaware that Rize is a ghoul, a type of monster that feeds on and hunts down human flesh. When Kaneki receives “the red child,” a portion of her unique organ, he turns into a ghoul and is forced to live in a bizarre world where humans are not the dominant species.

21. Violet Evergarden: The Movie (2020)


Director: Taichi Ishidate
Writer: Kana Akatsuki, Reiko Yoshida
Cast: Takehito Koyasu, Haruka Tomatsu, Daisuke Namikawa, Yui Ishikawa, Koki Uchiyama, Kaori Mizuhashi, Aya Endô, Rina Satô, Mayuno Yasokawa, Rina Satô
Run time: 2h 20min
Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Romance, Drama
IMDB Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Violet still has hope that she will run into her lost commanding officer even though the world has moved past the war and technological advancements have changed her life.

22. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (2020)


Director: Shinji Aramaki, Kenji Kamiyama
Writer: Shirow Masamune, Kenji Kamiyama, Kyle McCarley
Cast: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Dave Wittenberg, Crispin Freeman, Cherami Leigh, Keith Silverstein, Richard Epcar, Melissa Fahn, Armen Taylor, William Frederick Knight, Dean Wein
Run time: 25min
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Drama, Crime
IMDB Rating: 6.3 out of 10

The world is engulfed in an AI-driven “sustainable war” following a global financial crisis, and Section 9 is in charge of fending off fresh cyber threats.

23. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2019)


Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Writer: Kôhei Horikoshi, Yôsuke Kuroda, Hitoshi Nagai
Cast: Nobuhiko Okamoto, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Kaito Ishikawa, Toshiki Masuda, Ryô Hirohashi, Daiki Yamashita, Yuka Terasaki, Yûki Kaji, Ayane Sakura, Yoshimasa Hosoya
Run time: 1h 44min
Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Science-Fiction, Kids & Family
IMDB Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Class 1-A travels to Nabu Island where they get to perform some genuine heroics. When they are attacked by a bad guy with an unbelievable Quirk, the location feels more like a vacation than anything else! His power is uncannily similar, and it appears that Shigaraki was involved in the scheme. But there is no time for questions when All Might has retired and the lives of citizens are at stake. The only hope for the island lies with Deku and his friends, the next generation of heroes.

24. Komi Can’t Communicate (2021)


Director: Kazuki Kawagoe, Erukin Kawabata, Ayumu Watanabe
Writer: Hitomi Mieno, Yumi Suzumori, Tomohito Oda,
Cast: Gakuto Kajiwara, Rina Hidaka, Yukiyo Fujii, Rumi Okubo, Kenshô Ono, Aoi Koga, Rie Murakawa, Noriko Hidaka, Ami Maeshima, Kenji Akabane
Run time: 24min
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Tadano helps his shy and reclusive classmate Komi achieve her goal of making friends with 100 people at a high school full of unusual characters.

25. Yasuke (2021)


Director: Lesean Thomas, Kazuya Iwata, Takeru Satoh,
Writer: Flying Lotus, Lesean Thomas, Nick Jones Jr.
Cast: Maya Tanida, Darren Criss, Jun Soejima, Pablo Ibáñez Pérez, Laurier Tiernan, LaKeith Stanfield, William Christopher Stephens, Alexander W. Hunter, Matthew Barron, Steve Wiley
Run time: 29min
Genre: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery & Thriller, Action & Adventure, Animation,
IMDB Rating: 6.2 out of 10

The greatest ronin ever known, Yasuke, battles to maintain a peaceful existence after a previous life of violence in a war-torn feudal Japan filled with mechs and magic. However, when a nearby village turns into the focal point of social unrest between rival daimyo, Yasuke is forced to take up his sword and flee with a mysterious child who is the target of evil forces and ferocious warlords.

26. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (2015)


Director: Yoshitomo Yonetani, Makoto Sokuza, Mitsutoshi Satô,
Writer: Shinichi Inozume, Yûto Tsukuda, Shun Kawanabe,
Cast: Minami Takahashi, Ai Kayano, Kengo Kawanishi, Junichi Yanagita, Bryson Baugus, Yûsuke Kobayashi, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Maaya Uchida, Natsuki Hanae, Saori Oonishi
Run time: 24min
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Drama, Mystery & Thriller, Fantasy,
IMDB Rating: 8.2 out of 10

The goal of Yukihira Souma is to outperform his father as a chef and work full-time in the restaurant where he was raised. However, Yukihira Jouichirou, his father, shuts down the restaurant as soon as Yukihira graduates from middle school in order to travel and cook all over the world.

Even though Souma is depressed, Jouichirou’s challenge to persevere in an exclusive culinary school where only 10% of students graduate awakens her fighting spirit. Will Souma make it?

27. Heaven Official’s Blessing (2020)


Writer: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Cast: James Cheek, Anjali Kunapaneni, Hiroshi Kamiya, Makoto Furukawa, Howard Wang, Guangtao Jiang, Michael Schwalbe, Wendee Lee, Lucien Dodge, Yôko Hikasa
Run time: 24min
Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction, Animation
IMDB Rating: 8.2 out of 10

Despite being demoted repeatedly, Xie Lian, the crown prince of the Xian Le Kingdom, succeeds in reaching Heaven during his third trial. He unintentionally destroys the Gold Palace of heavenly officials, though. Xie Lian must enter the material world to expel ghosts because no one is worshiping him, which might help him maintain his divinity.

28. Kengan Ashura (Kengan Ashura) (2019)


Director: Seiji Kishi
Writer: Daromeon, Makoto Uezu, Yabako Sandrovich,
Cast: Chô, Junya Enoki, Jôji Nakata, Yumi Uchiyama, Megan Buchholz, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Rikiya Koyama, Tetsu Inada, Hayato Kaneko
Run time: 23min
Genre: Animation, Sport, Action & Adventure
IMDB Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Underground gladiator Tokita Ohma battles on behalf of business billionaire Nogi Hideki, who stakes mega-business transactions on the results of the violent encounters.

29. Earwig and the Witch (2020)


Director: Gorô Miyazaki
Writer: Diana Wynne Jones, Emi Gunji, Keiko Niwa,
Cast: JB Blanc, Alex Cartañá, Richard E. Grant, Logan Hannan, Kokoro Hirasawa, Jazmín Abuín, Tom Bromhead, Pandora Colin, Gaku Hamada, Taylor Henderson
Run time: 1h 22min
Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Kids & Family,
IMDB Rating: 4.8 out of 10

While residing with a self-centered witch, an independent orphan learns about the world of spells and potions.

30. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)


Director: Naokatsu Tsuda
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi, Hirohiko Araki
Cast: Matthew Mercer, Daisuke Ono, David Vincent, Richard Epcar, Tôru Ohkawa, Unshô Ishizuka Yûichi Nakamura, Fuminori Komatsu, Kenshô Ono, Phillip Reich
Run time: 24min
Genre: Science-Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror,
IMDB Rating: 8.4 out of 10

This intergenerational tale, which is based on the hugely famous manga series, chronicles the exploits of a member of the Joestar family across the years as they fight against foes (and evil). Each member of the Joestar family has the same moniker and is gifted with incredible psychic strength.

An independent plot that broadens the universe and keeps the narrative interesting is brought on by each new protagonist. This fantasy journey is made hilarious by the book’s clever humor and many nods to mainstream Western culture.

Since Stone Ocean, the fifth and most recent season, is now accessible on Netflix as of December 1st, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s inclusion on the best of list could be a little belated.


The anime series stated above are some of the best anime on Netflix UK right now, and watching them will alter the way you see typical human emotions. I would say you can find the best animes on Netflix for beginners to get started their anime journey.

The uniqueness of anime films lies in their different points of view from those of western media. It gives the viewer a new perspective on the ideas of monsters, ghosts, and other fantastical beings by leading them to feel sympathy for them.

Every good and terrible behavior has a motivation, which increases the character’s relatability. Perhaps anime’s ability to be realistic is what led to its rapid global ubiquity.