How to Get Kayo Sports Free Trial in the UK in 2023 [Simple Guide]


Are you on the lookout for a Kayo Sports free trial in UK but don’t know how to get one? Then you have come to the right place because, in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how you can watch Kayo Sports in UK with a free trial.

Kayo is now Australia’s largest sports streaming platform, devoted to offering the highest quality sports programming from both domestic and international leagues, live and on-demand, spanning more than 50 different sports.

If you’re a sports lover, Kayo Sports shows in UK are worth taking a look at because the platform has a wide variety of devices that are compatible with it, a reasonable subscription charge, and most importantly, a 7-day free trial in the form of Kayo One, Basic and Premium plans if you are a new subscriber.

How do I get the Kayo Sports free trial in the UK? [Step by Step guide]

If you want to sign up for the Kayo Sports free trial in UK, we have all the information in this section. The process is relatively simple and quick, and we have detailed the steps below for you:

  1. Launch Kayo’s official webpage on your preferred device.
  2. Begin your Kayo Sports free trial by clicking the large green button that says “Start your 7-day free trial”.
  3. Choose the package you want.
  4. Provide your essential info, particularly credit card info, and authenticate your account.
  5. After providing your email address and generating a secure password, you can log in on any device supported by the platform.

How Does the Kayo Sports Free Trial Work in the UK?

Before committing to any membership package, Kayo offers a 7-day free trial in UK, so you may check out and experience their unique sports streaming service.

After your seven-day Kayo Sports free trial expires, you may either want to cancel Kayo Sports free trial or select one of three subscription packages:

  • Kayo One, which supports one stream on a single device and lets you stream premier sporting events on-demand and live in HD.
  • Kayo Basic, which supports two simultaneous streams on multiple devices, and also lets you stream premier sporting events on-demand and live in HD.
  • Kayo Premium, which supports up to three simultaneous streams on multiple devices, offers live and on-demand content in HD.

Kayo Free Trial Terms

If you’re wondering what the terms and conditions of the Kayo Sports free trial are, this section is for you. We have summarised the terms and conditions for you, but if you want to read the entire document, head over to the platform’s website.

Only new users are eligible for the Kayo free trial in UK. You must submit your personal information throughout the registration process, such as your name, address, and payment details, which include your credit/debit card credentials. Finally, if you don’t discontinue your Kayo free trial before the seven days are up, you’ll be billed the monthly Kayo Sports cost for the subscription you have chosen:

  • GBP 22.06 ($25) for Kayo One
  • GBP 23.83 ($27) for Kayo Basic
  • GBP 30.89 ($35) for Kayo Premium

What Is Included with a Kayo Free Trial in the UK?

Before committing to membership for a longer period, you will have the opportunity to test out Kayo Sports at no cost for seven days. With the Kayo Sports free trial, you can then experience every single one of Kayo’s innovative features and their vast collection of sports content while watching up to three streams at once.

During your free trial of Kayo, you will have access to all of the live sporting events, news, documentaries, and app features that are available to paying customers. Once you register for a Kayo Sports app free trial in UK, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the following perks:

  • Stream more than 50 sports in standard definition or high definition.
  • Many unique features, such as SplitView, Kayo Mini, Key Moments, and No Spoilers
  • Compatible with mobile and tablet devices, as well as the web, Telstra TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast, among other devices
  • Countless hours of match replays, current news, programs, and documentaries available to watch on-demand
  • Absolutely no commercial breaks during the course of the game.

What does the Kayo free trial let you watch in the UK?

During your Kayo Sports free trial in the UK, you can view archive replays from a collection that contains more than 50 different sports. Its highlights include the vast majority of National Rugby League games, Australian Football League games, national Australian home cricket matches, and other sporting events. What’s more? You can bet on the games to make things more exciting. For more details, look into the Kayo Sports free trial Sportsbet.

What can I watch after my Kayo free trial ends in the UK?

The Kayo Freebies are the ideal compromise for consumers who do not want to buy a membership after their trial period is finished. As we mentioned, Kayo Freebies is a collection of shows available on Kayo that can be seen by paying and non-paying consumers.

This indicates that anybody may view the material. Even if you do not pay for the service, you will never have to worry about boredom since the Freebies website always adds new information to its library.

Is the Kayo Sports free trial the same thing as Kayo Freebies?

No, the Kayo Sports free trial is not the same thing as Kayo Freebies. Don’t feel bad if you don’t fully know the differences between a Kayo free trial and Kayo Freebies; you’re not the only one with this problem! To help you better understand it, we’ve summarised it for you below.

The biggest distinguishing factor between Kayo free trials and Kayo Freebies is that a Kayo membership will get you access to a 7-day free trial. Still, Kayo Freebies do not include access to a free trial period of that length.

When you access the Kayo Sports login free trial in UK for seven days, all you need to do is pick a plan, give your credit or debit card information, and you’ll be given access to everything that the platform has to offer. You will be able to watch three streams at the same time and will get access to the entirety of Kayo’s live and on-demand sporting events, such as the Big Bash League and tennis, in addition to all Freebies material.

If you cancel your subscription during the first seven days, you will not be billed; however, you will only have access to the Kayo Freebies section of the website. It is important to keep in mind that this is not the same thing as the 7-day Kayo free trial.

However, a credit card isn’t strictly necessary for getting Kayo Freebies. You will need just to sign up for an account, download the app, and then you will be able to begin streaming. You get access to all of the Kayo Sports features if you use the Kayo Freebies. Nevertheless, the platform only gives you access to a restricted selection of sports content.

FAQS – Kayo Sports Free trial

At the moment, unfortunately, Kayo Sports does not offer a Kayo free trail 3 months in the UK. You can check out the 7-day free trial instead.

There are a couple of ways for you to get a Kayo Sports free trial in the UK. Sometimes, there are occasions when Kayo works in partnership with other companies to offer joint promotions. For instance, Kayo and Carlton United Breweries teamed together in the middle of 2021 to offer consumers a free two-month trial of Kayo when they purchased specially designed cases of VB or Carlton Draught. Always look for further opportunities similar to this one in the coming months.

Yes, you may cancel Kayo Sports free trial at any time by going to the Kayo website once you are done with Kayo Sports free trial review and have decided you don’t want to continue.

You must first ensure that you are logged in and then follow the instructions for cancelling your subscription. To access your account, first, choose the menu icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. The option to cancel your subscription is located at the bottom of the drop-down menu; choose it and proceed with the on-screen instructions. And that’s how your Kayo Sports free trial is cancelled in the United Kingdom.


That wraps up all you need to know about the Kayo Sports free trial, including instructions on how to sign up for it. We really hope that this guide was able to clear up any confusions you may have had and provide answers to any of your queries.

In that case, why delay any longer? Start your Kayo Sports free trial right now.