How To Change The Language On HBO Max in 2024

HBO Max is the streaming service of choice for many, with its range of original content. However it does not always offer a language option- in most cases, you are only given one that streams what was recorded and cannot change it yourself to something else if needed such as English or Spanish depending on where your location resides.

Moreover, Max, the product of the merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus, represents a thrilling new chapter in the streaming landscape, promising viewers an unmatched variety of entertainment options.

On this page, we’ll go through the easy methods to change the language on HBO Max in UK 2024 so you may enjoy your favorite HBO Max program in your preferred language. Nevertheless, owing to geo-restrictions of Max, you will need ExpressVPN to watch HBO Max in the UK.

What’s the best way to check whether a certain material is available in another language? Go to the content’s details page. If further languages are accessible, they will be displayed on the page. If there is nothing on the details page, it indicates that only one language is accessible.

Check To See Whether Other Language Options Are Available

HBO Max does not restrict you in terms of subtitles, but some shows and movies may have restrictions. If you want to see whether a specific television program or film has any subtitle choices, follow these steps:

  • Start streaming Max.

  • Tap the screen. At the bottom, click the “CC” button.

  • If there are additional languages available, they will be listed.

Or you can try this;

  1. Start viewing HBO Max.
  2. Tap the screen. Click the speech bubble to select it.
  3. Select the “Subtitles” option under “Video.” If other languages are accessible, they will be listed there.

By default, English TV shows do not have subtitles. If you activate them, you’ll most certainly be unable to change the language.

Subtitles are an option; they can be in any language and can be switched on or off using the settings menu. Subtitles are available in two languages: Native language of the content or English. The language for subtitles is set to English by default.

How To Enjoy HBO Max Programs In Different Language

When you visit HBO Max through the mobile app or a computer, much of the interface appears to be identical.

Unfortunately, many movies and shows are only available in one language. If the show or film you want to watch does not have a bilingual label on its details page, you will not see anything labeled on it. It simply means that the language in which it was recorded is the only one available.

  • On the top left corner, click the three vertical lines to view different genres.
  • Titles may be sorted in either alphabetical order or by category at the top of the search results page.
  • HBO Max features the “Latino” category, which includes programs and films produced in Spanish.

  • You can also pick the “International” option to watch programs and films in a number of languages.

According to HBO, the programs produced in other languages will be dubbed in English with subtitles intact. There is no audio dubbing for programs created in English.

  • To view more information about a program, such as the show’s cast and crew, visit its page. Click to examine the program’s details.

  • Next to a play button symbol, you’ll see the other languages it’s available in if you’ve chosen a show. This option is available on your desktop and during video playback while using the HBO Max app.

This option is only available on the details page if you’re using the mobile app.

  • Select the language you’d like to watch.
  • To reverse, go to the details page using the “Back” button and then choose another language.

How To Change The Language By Using The HBO Max On Different Devices

You may easily watch your favorite HBO Max program in your preferred language on any streaming device by following the steps outlined below.

  • iOS:

  • iPad & iPhones

  • Open the Settings menu on your iPhone/iPad.

  • Click on General.

  • Select iPhone Language from Language & Region.

  • Select your preferred language and hit “Done” to confirm.

  • When you switch to a different language, you’ll get an alert from Google to get the confirmation.

  • When you turn on the new language in Settings, your screen will be blank for a short time while Apple adjusts the text-to-speech settings.

  • Mac

  • Open the “System Preferences” menu. Select “Language & Region.”

  • Select the language you’d like to use from the drop-down menu. In the menu on the left, click the plus sign (+) once. Select a language from below.

  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a drop-down menu called “Preferences”. Select it and then scroll down to change your language. If you select any other option than English, a pop-up window will appear asking if you’d want to add the keyboard for your new language to your computer.

If you want to alter the language on the HBO Max website on your computer, simply modify the browser’s language settings. The site will be automatically translated to the desired language as a result.

  • Android Devices

  • Go to settings and scroll down. Select “System” from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the “Language and input”. If you don’t find this option on your android device then, go to “General Management” and select Language and Input from the drop-down menu.

  • Select your preferred language from the list.

  • The system language should automatically switch to the intended language. If you don’t notice it immediately, start your phone again.

  • Google Chrome

  • Open your Google Chrome browser. At the top-right corner, click on the three dots symbol.

  • Select “Settings”.

  • Go to “Advanced”.

  • Click on “Languages”.

  • Click “Add Language”.


  • Select your desired language.


  • There’s a toggle switch on the right of“Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read.” Make sure it’s switched on.

  • When you visit a page that isn’t in your preferred language, Google Chrome will now offer to translate it.


  • Mozilla Firefox


  • Open the Firefox browser and go to your profile’s top-right corner. Click the three vertical lines symbol at the upper-right corner.


  • Click the “Settings” button.

  • Select the language you want from the drop-down menu under “Language and appearance.”

Is Max Replacing HBO Max?

Yes, Max is replacing HBO Max as the rebranded and merged platform with Discovery Plus, delivering a seamless streaming experience for viewers.

Wrapping Up!

You’ve now learned, how to change the language on HBO Max in 2024. With a few clicks, you may manage the Max language preferences for your favorite shows and movies.

There are presently just a few language choices accessible, as the service is still relatively new. Because Max and its other services are well-known, the platform will only get better with time.