DirecTV Stream Price, Packages In UK [Updated Guide 2023]


If you’re looking for details about DirecTV Stream price, then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about DirecTV Stream price and much more.

Let’s first talk about what DirecTV is. DirecTV Stream, formerly AT&T TV, is AT&T’s streaming TV service that provides both on-demand and live content.

This American multichannel television service, which was established in1994, provides digital satellite coverage for consumers across the country.

At the moment, DirecTV Stream is one of the best choices for many sports fans as it ranks #6 on the list of the most popular live TV streaming services and #5 on the list of the most fantastic sports streaming platforms of 2022.

The cheapest DirecTV Stream subscription will cost you about GB£58/mo (US$69.99/mo), and the best part is that new subscribers may take advantage of the 14-day DirecTV trial version in the UK before paying.

Entertainment, sports, news, and family programmes are all available live and on-demand through the streaming service from a variety of DirecTV Stream networks – making it one of the best streaming services available right now.

Becoming a subscriber will get 60 channels as part of DirecTV’s basic package.

Wondering what the DirecTV Stream price is in the UK in 2023? We’ll provide more information on DirecTV Stream UK bundles. To know more about the packages and costs for DirecTV, keep reading.

DirecTV Stream prices & packages in the UK

Four alternative bundles are available with DirecTV Stream: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premium.

Beyond the basic Entertainment plan, DirecTV Streaming offers three other plans, each of which includes a roughly similar number of DirecTV Stream channels targeted towards a particular audience.

DirectTV now offers a 14-day free trial, after which you may easily choose from one of the four available subscription options. The specifics are as follows:

DirecTV Stream Entertainment Package (The Essentials)
  • 65+ TV channels
  • Three simultaneous streams
  • 20 hours of DVR recording
  • Free premium channels (Showtime and Starz)
DirecTV Stream Choice Package (Must-Have Sports)
  • 90+ channels
  • Three simultaneous streams
  • Regional sports networks
  • HBO Max
DirecTV Stream Ultimate Package (Sports, News, Movies)
  • 30+ channels
  • Three simultaneous streams
  • Regional sports networks
  • HBO Max
DirecTV Stream Premier Package (Maximum TV)
  • 140+ channels
  • All you can watch
  • Regional sports networks
  • HBO Max

Entertainment – The Essentials

With a monthly fee of £59.89 and no contract, the DirecTV Stream Entertaintainment subscription plan is the cheapest one available in the UK. The package includes more than 65 channels that span a variety of topics, such as sports, entertainment shows, and news.

For the first two months, the DirecTV Stream price is £47.11 per month plus tax; after that, it rises to £59.89 per month. Below are some features of the Entertainment package:

  • More than 60 stations of local and foreign television
  • 40,000 on-demand movies
  • Unlimited cloud DVR recordings
  • A special discount Premium channel package
  • The initial two months will give you a discount of £25.70
  • Free access to HBO Max, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX during the initial three months

Here are some of the DirecTV Stream channels available with this package:

  • Bravo (HD) 237
  • Cartoon Network West 297
  • USA Network (HD) 242
  • CNBC (HD) 355
  • Fox News channel
  • Disney Channel (East) 290
  • Music Choice Bluegrass 812
  • NBC Sports Network (HD) 220
  • ESPN (HD) 206
  • Animal Planet (HD) 282
  • Food Network (HD) 231

Choice – Must Have Sports & More

The Choice package is for people who thoroughly enjoy sports streaming and more. The £77.10/month Choice membership features 25 more stations than the Entertainment package.

Regional sports networks are included in the 185+ DirecTV Stream channels that are offered collectively.

The following features are included in the Choice package:

  • 65+ stations of local and foreign television
  • Unlimited cloud DVR recordings
  • 45,000 on-demand movies
  • Access to STARZ, SHOWTIME, HBO Max, and more channels

With this subscription, you may get premium channels, including:

  • Bravo (HD) 237
  • Cartoon Network West 297
  • USA Network 242
  • CNBC 355
  • Fox News channel
  • Disney Channel (East) 290
  • Music Choice Bluegrass 812
  • NBC Sports Network (HD) 220
  • ESPN (HD) 206
  • Animal Planet (HD) 282
  • Food Network (HD) 231

Ultimate – Sports, News, Movies

For those who are passionate about sports, news, and movie content, the Ultimate DirecTV package is the all-inclusive option.

This subscription, which costs £89.95/month, contains 55 more channels than the Entertainment package. There are more than 250 channels in its whole library.

You may watch foreign, family, news, sports, and entertainment channels with this package.

A few of its features are:

  • Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage
  • Access to more than 130+ local and international live channels
  • 55,000 on-demand programmes
  • Premium networks, including HBO Max, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and EPIX
  • Access to cinemaxregional sports networks for the first three months

Some of the premium channels you can stream with the Ultimate package are:

  • Bravo (HD)237
  • Cartoon Network West297
  • USA Network (HD)242
  • CNBC (HD)355
  • Fox News channel
  • Disney Channel (East)290
  • Music Choice Bluegrass812
  • NBC Sports Network (HD)220
  • ESPN (HD)206
  • Animal Planet (HD)282
  • Food Network (HD) 231

Premier – The One with the Most

The Premier subscription, which offers over 330 channels and entertainment from Showtime, HBO, and Starz, is the most costly of all DirecTV Now price plans in the UK.

With a DirecTV Stream price of £128.50 per month, it is the most costly subscription and includes premium channels that are also available in cheaper packages, such as the Premier Subscription.

This bundle is perfect for those wanting local and international networks and channels in the entertainment, sports, family, and news categories, all in the same package.

The following are some of the finest qualities of this DirecTV subscription:

  • More than 330 local and international TV stations
  • Regional sports channels
  • 65000+ on-demand titles
  • Unlimited DVR recording
  • Access to STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, and HBO Max
  • For the first three months, enjoy EPIX free of charge

The channels included with the Premier subscription are:

  • Bravo (HD)237
  • Cartoon Network West297
  • USA Network (HD)242
  • CNBC (HD)355
  • Disney Channel (East)290,
  • Music Choice Bluegrass 812
  • NBC Sports Network (HD)220
  • ESPN (HD)206
  • Animal Planet (HD)282
  • Food Network (HD) 231

How much is DirecTV Stream per month in the UK?

In the UK, DirecTV Stream provides four packages. The Entertainment plan costs GB£58/mo (US$69.99/mo) every month, while the Choice package costs US$89.99 per month.

You may also subscribe to the Ultimate Package or Premier Package, which are available for just GB£87/mo (US$104.99/mo) and GB£124.29/mo (US$149.99/mo), respectively.

What channels are on DirecTV Stream in the UK?

A great selection of channels is available on DirecTV Stream. Its thorough sports programming, including local sports networks, is one of the company’s key features.

No matter where you reside, one of your most excellent options for viewing games like baseball and soccer without cable is probably DirecTV Stream.

The network lineup on DirecTV Stream also has a few elusive channels. As one of the few viable solutions for RFD-TV viewing without cable, DirecTV Stream is an excellent example.

DirecTV Stream Local Channels

All DirecTV STREAM packages feature the same selection of local channels, such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, The CW, and Telemundo. They additionally provide a nationwide Univision stream.

Only select markets provide live local networks. You can only watch your cable stations while you are in your local area.

DirecTV Stream Premium Channels

An extensive range of the best cable channels is available on DirecTV Stream. 34 of the Top 35 Cable Channels are included in the Entertainment plan, while Travel Channel is included in the other plans’ coverage of all 35.

A&E, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Bravo, ESPN, Fox News, FX, FXX, MSNBC, Paramount Network, TNT, USA Network, VH1, and many more are among the top 35 cable networks.

DirecTV Stream On-Demand Content

Despite being a live TV streaming service, DirecTV Stream offers more than simply the ability to view cable-free versions of networks like Comedy Central, FS1, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

In addition, DirecTV Stream provides on-demand programming, such as great movies and well-liked TV series.

What devices does the DirecTV Stream app work on?

The fact that you are not bound to a cable box makes live TV streaming services like DirecTV Stream so appealing. In addition to smartphones, tablets, and desktops, DirecTV Stream is available on a variety of smart TVs and streaming devices.

Once you’ve registered for DirecTV Stream, all you need to do is download the DirecTV Stream application and log in on any compatible device. The same account may be used across many devices.

Just to make things easier for you, we’ve created a table so you can check whether your device supports the DirecTV Stream or not:

Fire TV devices (including Fire TV Stick) Yes
Web browser (desktop and laptop computers) Yes
Android devices Yes
iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) Yes
Samsung Smart TVs Yes
Apple TV devices Yes
Android TV devices Yes
Roku devices Yes

You might want to think about using DirecTV Stream’s own gadget if you don’t have one already. Suppose you’re accustomed to having an Nvidia Shield TV, a Sony smart TV, or any of the other products that utilize Android TV.

In that case, the DirecTV Stream gadget will look similar to you because it employs a version of Android TV.

All of your primary streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, are supported by the DirecTV Stream device, which also incorporates voice control.

DirecTV Stream price and plans in UK – FAQs

The most affordable DirecTV plan in the UK is the Entertainment bundle. For about GB£58/mo (US$69.99/mo), you can receive 160+ channels for an entire year, including many ESPN and Disney networks, FX, and IFC.

For the initial three months, a number of premium channels, such as HBO Max, are complementary.

The Premier plan from DirecTV is the most costly one. For GB£124.29/mo (US$149.99/mo), you may watch 330+ channels, live NFL games played outside of big markets, and premium channels such as HBO.

The UK has four bundles available from DirecTV Stream. The Entertainment plan costs GB£58/mo (US$69.99/mo) every month, while the Choice package costs US$89.99 per month.

Also available are the Ultimate Package and Premier Package, which have monthly fees of only GB£87 (US$104.99) and GB£124.29 (US$149.99), respectively.

Yes, DirecTV Stream is worth it. Not only is the DirecTV Stream interface design sleek and well-structured, but if you have a suitable internet connection, it also offers HD quality and makes browsing networks and recording programs simple.

No contracts are necessary for DirecTV Stream. You have the right to cancel whenever you feel like it.


And there you have it – now you know everything there is to know about DirecTV Stream price and so much more! We hope this guide helped you develop a thorough understanding of the channels and costs associated with DirecTV Stream.