Crackle not working with VPN? Quick Fixes [Updated Guide 2023]

Crackle Not Working with VPN

Is crackle not working with VPN? Learn how to fix the issue with this guide. The situation must make you think about the unavailability of Crackle with a VPN. This happens because Crackle would have identified your VPN and thus blocked your IP address that the VPN used to unblock Crackle.

Crackle is a famous video streaming service best to spend your holidays with. Enjoy this holiday watching Crackle in the UK because it’s all worth it. Enjoy watching popular shows like Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers, Dallas Cowboy Christmas Special: ‘85-’86, and more if you are interested in shows. Crackle also has a lot of entertaining stuff for avid sports lovers, like On Point, The Natural, Rugby, and much more.

Vudu UK, PBS in UK, Foxtel UK, and Telemundo in UK are other options to binge-watch and pass your holiday season qualitatively. Still, Crackle tops the list; therefore, we have brought you the fixes to help you resolve the transmission. Keep reading to unveil the quick fixes.

Why Crackle Not Working with a VPN [Expected Reasons]

Crackle not working with VPN is a serious issue because the streaming service has blocked your access. You might wonder “Why” and “How”? This happens because these websites or streaming platforms have employed trackers to identify morphed IP addresses.

In simple words, these trackers identify the viewer’s locations using specific IP addresses given to them by the local internet service providers.

How to Fix Crackle VPN Proxy Error?

You can easily fix Crackle not working with the VPN issue by trying the hacks given below.

1. Preliminary Checks

Preliminary checks are essential before any other fix to ensure the resolution from the grass root level.

  • Close any other VPN app running on your system before you try your Crackle VPN. This is the first step to perform before any other solution.
  • Occasionally, antivirus programs or Firewalls interrupt internet connectivity. Therefore you must ensure the connection disruption is not because of antivirus or Firewall.
  • To access Crackle, disable your Firewall software or antivirus program and then try reconnecting the VPN. If it helps, make your VPN an exception before you turn on your security software again.
  • Access the website after disconnecting your VPN to ensure your internet connection is active.
  • Connect to the most convenient server location for you. If t goes smoothly, it indicates a problem in the server location you were initially connected to.
  • Change your DNS Settings or change networks alternatively. You can also try connecting to different networks, like a public WiFi network. This is better to counter-check if the current internet provider is the problem.

2. Get a Premium VPN

Only a premium VPN has the capability to unblock massive libraries. It does the job by connecting you to the fastest servers to bypass the firewalls and strong encryption.

Get rid of the Crackle not working with VPN issue by subscribing to a premium VPN following the given steps.

  1. Get a Premium VPN. Express VPN is the most recommended VPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Open the Express VPN app and connect to the server according to your preference. You will thus connect to the location that you intend to unblock.
  4. You can now stream Crackle to enjoy your favourite watches.

3. Change the VPN Server


If Crackle suddenly stops, there is a good chance that the IP address you previously used might have been blocked. This is because the trackers would have identified your IP address.

To counteract the problem, try connecting to a different VPN server. Switching to a different server in the same region can resolve the problem because the current server will be unblocked and running. Once the VPN server is switched, reopen Crackle and try unblocking the geo-restricted content. If the hack works, it clearly recognises the issue as a blacklisted server.

4. Clear Cache and Cookies


Often, the stored cache and cookies in the browser are the troublemakers which interrupt the VPN. It is therefore recommended to clear cache data and cookies to resolve the Crackel not working with VPN issue.

To do so, go to the browser’s Settings or press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to clear the cache data and cookies.

5. Flush DNS

The local ISP stores DNS entries in your device can also sometimes create problems establishing a connection with the VPN server. It is better to clear the cache by flushing the DNS. Follow the steps to flush DNS.

  • Press the Windows Key and “R” to open Run and type “cmd.”
  • Type the query “ipconfig/flushdns” on the command prompt.
  • Press Enter Key. You will getSuccessfully flushed the DNS resolver cache” on the command prompt.
  • Reconnect the VPN to stream Crackle and enjoy a long-awaited show.

6. Update VPN App

The VPN apps get a regular automatic update on mobile phones, but the same doesn’t happen on desktops. If you are facing Crackle not working with VPN issues on your desktop, the probability of you using an outdated version of the VPN is high.

To deal with it, go to the app store on your desktop and update the latest version f the VP app for your desktop to fix the problem.

7. Incorrect System Date and Time

Not just the VPN but many other websites and operations do not flawlessly happen if your device’s date and time are inaccurate. If you are facing Crackle blockage, ensure your device’s time and date are accurate. If you find them incorrectly, no issues; follow the steps to correct your date and time.

  • Right-click the Date and Time Display on the taskbar.
  • Click “Adjust Date and Time Settings.”
  • Click the Date and Time tab.
  • Turn off “Set Time Automatically.”
  • Click change below change the date and time. Type your password if asked.
  • In case you need to change your time zone, select your time zone from the drop-down box.
  • Select OK.
  • Restart your VPN and connect to a server to enjoy Crackle.

8. No IP or Host Not Found

Crackle not working with VPN issue can sometimes pop notifications like The requested name is valid but doesn’t have an IP address’ or “Host not found.” Upon getting such notifications, please ensure your internet connectivity.

If you manually need to reset or activate your DSL connection before you go online, you must go through your instructions before connecting to a VPN. This is because a VPN is no replacement for your internet connection.

Once your VPN is reconnected, and your Crackle blockage issue still haunts you, the ISP is the probable culprit. The ISP may restrict access to the VPN’s DNS servers. In this case, manual specification of DNS servers must be done. To do so, follow the steps below.

Activate the Network Connection Menu

  • Choose Run by clicking Start.
  • Enter ncpa.cpl and hit OK.
  • Locate your standard connection in the Network Location Window. It can be a wireless or LAN internet connection.
  • Right-click on the connection to Select properties.

The DNS Server Settings

  • Double-click Internet Protocol, also called IPv4 or simply IP.
  • Choose” Use the following DNS servers addresses.”
  • Enter the following Google server DNS addresses: DNS server to use is DNS server backup is
  • Try this if Google DNS is blocked. Enter and click OK to use Neustar DNS Advantage( and; enter and select Level 3 DNS ( and
  • After you set up the computer to use the DNS server provided by your VPN, flush outdated DNS entries if any.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Fix Proxy Error

ExpressVPN stands tall among many VPNs for many legit reasons, for example, its throttling speed. With a remarkably blazing 92.26 Mbps download and 89.45 Mbps upload speed tests, its exceptionally phenomenal service is subject to the fastest upload and download speeds.


Express VPN connects you to the preferred US-based server to unblock the geo-restricted sites upon request. Having more than 3000 plus servers, the New York server is the recommended server that instantly connects you to the website of your choice. Contrary to the New York server, the Miami server is highly not recommended because of its slow speed.

Express VPN is the most sought-after VPN because it guarantees fool-proof security. Express VPN is exceptionally professional in anding your personal data. It takes care of your personal data and prevents leakage by utilising AES-256 Bit Encryption with the IKEv4 protocol. This state-of-the-art encryption system ensures safety and doesn’t leak your personal info.

You can easily download and use Express VP simultaneously on five different devices. The simultaneous streams are helpful as Express VPN is compatible with many devices like iPhones, Android phones, Smartphones, Mac books, Laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, Android TVs, Firestick, Roku, operating systems like Android, iOs, Linux, and Windows and several gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and others.

You can even stream Tubi TV in UK using ExpressVPN on any of the mentioned operating systems.

Laced with Media Streamer, Express VPN successfully unlocks the website with Media Streamers. Media Streamers can detect an approaching VPN, but Express VPN surpasses every kind of hindrance to solving Crackle not working with VPN issues. Not only does ExpressVPN fixes error but it also unblocks geo restricted US channels such as ESPN Plus UK.

Subscribe to Express VPN for GB 5.48/mo or US $6.67/mo.

Get ExpressVPN for CrackleRisk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Does Crackle Block VPNs?

Crackle is a geo-restricted US-based streaming service with only rights to broadcast in the US. If your Crackle stops working suddenly in the UK, the chances of your VPN being identified and blocked by the streaming service are high.

Can a Free VPN Fix Crackle Proxy Error?

No! No free VPN can fix the Crackle proxy error. This is because a free VPN does not possess strong encryption to a dedicated IP address and enough speedy servers to tackle the issue.

The lack of enough servers also makes a free VPN prone to early detection by the streaming service.

FAQs – Crackle not working with VPN

Yes! Crackle can easily block a VPN when an IP address with heavy traffic is used. To avoid this, one must use a dedicated IP address using a premium VPN service like Express VPN.

Yes! there are chances for you to get a proxy error when watching Crackle in the UK. It’s better to mark “Watch while Abroad” to eliminate the proxy errors.

The best way to make Crackle work with a VPN in the UK is to subscribe to a premium VPN like Express VPN. Using the latest version of Express VPN is recommended to eliminate proxy errors and make Crackle work in the UK.

You can trick your location by using a premium VPN like Express VPN. Express VPN will spoof your location and provide you with a local IP address that morphs you into a native.

It is legal to use VPNs in the UK.

Yes! You can easily watch crackle with a premium VPN like Express VPN in the UK.

Yes! You need a VPN for Crackle in the UK because Crackle is a geo-restricted US-based streaming service. US citizens are rightfully allowed to stream it without a VPN. If you are trying to stream Crackle n your device in the UK, you must first subscribe to a premium VPN like Express VPN.


Crackle not working with VPN is no longer an issue because we have brought you the pro tips. Refer to our guide to solve the crackle not working problem like a pro. You can now enjoy the brilliant stuff on Crackle while sitting in the UK by trying simple hacks and easy fixes.

The chronological order of the easy and quick fixes in this guide takes you toward a systemic dealing of the problem. You may eliminate the issue using the first hack or try the technical foxes for making Crackle work in the UK.