How To Get channel 4 Free Trial in the UK – Quick Guide

Channel 4 is a platform that provides a free streaming service to people living in the UK only. Due to the high-quality content on Channel 4, this free live and on-demand streaming service will undoubtedly become one of the most exciting things on your television screen.You also watch other popular content such as George Michael Outed, Consent and many more with out any difficulty.

Don’t believe us because you can try it yourself by signing up for the Channel 4 free trial period. For an ad-free experience, the platform offers a feature of All 4+. If you don’t know how to proceed with the Channel 4 login process, let us help you out with the following given guideline. Further more if you are outside of UK and want to stream Channel 4 outside UK, you need a VPN to stream it. Choose a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

How to sign up for the Channel 4 free trial?

Here are some of the necessary steps that you must follow to access the content available on the UK’s free to air TV network.

  • First, visit the Channel 4 official website to start the registration process.
  • Here you will find the option to register for Channel 4+. Click on it and enter your email address and password in the account details section.
  • The platform will ask you to fill in your profile details such as First name, last name, date of birth, gender, and address in the next step.
  • Complete the registration process by checking the confirmation email sent to your email address.
  • Now you can easily start your 14 days Channel 4 free trial by upgrading to All 4+.

How Do You Pay for Channel 4 Free Trial in the UK?

As soon as your Channel 4 free trial period ends, the platform will charge you around £3.99 each month to continue using its All 4+ feature. You can make this payment using Mastercard, debit, and Visa cards. The important thing to note here is that your payment will be accepted through these cards only if they are registered to a UK location.

Comparison Of channel 4 With Other Streaming

Making a comparison is the best way to determine what you actually want. If we look at the library of content of Channel 4 and Netflix, then the latter one definitely wins the contest. Channel 4 is only available for the UK audience due to its geo-restriction policy, whereas you can stream Netflix in most parts of the world.

You can stream Channel 4 for free, whereas streaming networks like Disney plus charges you for accessing its content. There is a wide variety of content available on Disney plus; however, Channel 4 mainly focuses on targeting the British audience. So, if you love watching shows like Derry girls, choose channel 4.


Yes, a two-week free trial feature is available for the UK audience who wants to upgrade to All 4+ for a better ad-free experience.

The answer is No; by signing up for All 4+, you get a free trial period of 14-days on the Channel 4 streaming platform. After these two weeks, you will be charged by the network. But don’t worry; there are no contractual obligations associated with it, so that you can cancel your registration anytime.

You will have to register on Channel 4 within any UK location to access its content. If you are not a UK citizen but still want to watch the iconic channel 4 shows, a good VPN can help you to solve this problem.

Final Verdict

No doubt Channel 4 is rocketing in popularity due to its amazing content. If you also want to access Channel 4 free trial period, go through the details given above.