How to Watch CMA Country Christmas in UK

No doubt, for most people in the UK, Christmas truly begins as soon as December starts. Are you a music fan and want to enjoy this month in a fantastic way? Then, there is an event for you on December 9, 2022. This show is called CMA Country Christmas. If you are a fan, dive in to figure out how to watch CMA Country Christmas in UK.

Initially, the show will be on air via the ABC channel. But do not worry; you can enjoy the ABC in UK with an ex-pat VPN scenario. CMA Country Christmas is seen annually during this Christmas Holiday Season.

It is a musical night with a lot of beautiful performances. The event is filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, and is aired by ABC channel. With a lot of big music stars, the event is being hosted by Carly Pearce this year.

So to combat this issue, you can use a VPN to unblock this channel. To watch CMA Country Christmas in UK, you can choose ExpressVPN, the most reliable VPN nowadays.

Watch CMA Country Christmas in UK – [Quick Steps]

To  watch CMA Country Christmas in UK, you should follow  these four steps:

  • Get a reliable VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its fantastic security and reliability.
  • Download and install ExpressVPN on your device.
  • Log in to ExpressVPN.
  • Open ExpressVPN and connect to a server in the USA.
  • Go to the ABC channel and watch CMA Country Christmas in UK. Enjoy the musical night!

Where to Watch CMA Country Christmas in UK?

The original platform to enjoy the show is the ABC channel. But unfortunately, there are Geo-restrictions imposed on the channel. That is why it can’t be watched all over the world. But VPNs are there to help you always.

To watch CMA Country Christmas in UK, unblock the ABC channel via ExpressVPN and do not miss this splendid show of the year.

Through the use of ExpressVPN, you can access a variety of popular ABC shows and movies, including  The Good Doctor Season 6, Grey’s Anatomy Season 2, and a multitude of other titles.

What time is the CMA Country Christmas?

CMA Country Christmas air date is December 8, 2022, at 9:00 pm ET. The show will be one hour. But in the UK, you can enjoy streaming this show via ExpressVPN a day later. Also, it will be aired on Hulu and Disney on December 9, 2022.

Where is the CMA Country Christmas held?

The event is held in Nashville. Nashville is the capital city of US state of Tennessee. This annual event of classy Christmas songs and performances of the best musicians can be enjoyed online by unblocking the ABC channel through ExpressVPN in UK.

Who is performing at CMA Country Christmas?

The Country Music Association has announced the names of eight stars performing in CMA Country Christmas. They  are as follows:

Steven Curtis Chapman, “Precious Promises” Scotty McCreery, “Holly Jolly Christmas” Old Dominion, “What Christmas Means to Me” Carly Pearce and Molly Tuttle, Bluegrass Medley
Dan + Shay, “Officially Christmas” Maren Morris, “Merry Christmas Baby” Carly Pearce, “Man With the Bag” The War and Treaty, “O Holy Night”

Who is the host of CMA Country Christmas?

Carly Pearce is the host of CMA Country Christmas this year. She is hosting this event for the second time consecutively. In 2021, she co-hosted this musical night with Gabby Barrett.

In an exclusive clip of the coming CMA Country Christmas, fans have spotted Carly Pearce performing herself on “Here Comes Santa Claus”. In addition to it, she will also perform on “Man with the Bag” on this charming night.

To recreate holiday classics, the show host will also perform with Tuttle in this annual musical holiday.

How much are CMA Country Christmas tickets?

CMA Country Christmas allows you to buy tickets and be there to enjoy this folk concert live. The ticket price varies greatly depending on whether you are enjoying a show in an expensive city like New York or some smaller city like Minneapolis.

The most expensive ticket in New York will cost you around $200 per ticket, whereas, in smaller cities, it ranges from $50 to $75 per ticket.

Also, there is a difference in the price of CMA Country Christmas tickets depending on the venue size and the location of seats. The price is quite high for VIP upgrades. So it depends on viewers on which level they want to enjoy this show live.

Is there a dress code for the CMA Country Christmas?

No, there is no such dress code announced officially for CMA Country Christmas. But from an exclusive clip, it can be seen that sparkling western attires are much in trend for this night.

Carly Pearce herself is wearing a glittery shirt also some playback singers are wearing sparkling shirts.

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CMA Country Christmas


No, the show will air on ABC channel once on December 8, 2022. You can have a repeat telecast of this show on December 9, 2022, on Hulu and Disney.

Only Carly Pearce is expected to host CMA Country Christmas this year.

Steven Curtis Chapman, “Precious Promises”, Dan + Shay, “Officially Christmas”, Scotty McCreery, “Holly Jolly Christmas”, Maren Morris, “Merry Christmas Baby”, Old Dominion, “What Christmas Means to Me”, Carly Pearce, “Man With the Bag”, Carly Pearce and Molly Tuttle, Bluegrass Medley, The War, and Treaty, “O Holy Night

Wrap Up

CMA Country Christmas is around the corner. Get ready to watch CMA Country Christmas in UK by using ExpressVPN. So, sit back and enjoy the holiday of classic Christmas with this folk concert and festive performances.

ExpressVPN can help you bypasses geo-restrictions and helps you access ABC in the UK.